We’ve reached the final installment of One Hundred Things! That’s not to say that I don’t have one million things to be thankful for, though, every day. When you get right down to it, I’m thankful for life in general, honestly, and being allowed to know and experience all of these things. Now that I’ve written this list, I don’t consider that a cop-out answer!

  1. leftover lunches
  2. Cosmos
  3. gardens
  4. salt water in my hair and on my skin
  5. that I was taught how to mail a letter, balance a checkbook, do my own laundry
  6. that I grew up before cell phones
  7. always having choices
  8. my llama wool socks (a gift from my mother)
  9. Vermont fairs
  10. honeybees
  11. being told, as a child, that everything I did made a difference

(and I still believe that everything does)

** I know I mentioned it early on, but I am so completely thankful for my Dad. Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers, husbands, brothers, sons I know.  ♥


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