Okay, so it’s gotten really chilly again. I actually pulled out my llama sweater, yesterday! Those couple warm days we had here last week totally threw me off, and I am suddenly reminded again that it is, in fact, November.

I will admit to currently being quite out of sorts. My graduate program application is due to Harvard in a little over a month, so I somehow have to figure out a way to sell myself in three pages. This semester’s class on museum finances is thankfully going well, but it’s unfamiliar territory, with a heavy focus on numbers; it’s taking a lot of effort (so much more than usual) on my part to stay engaged. The time change hit me hard. I’m still unemployed, which is slightly distressing. I’m not sleeping well. Etc., etc., insert great big sigh here. I know I can’t (and parts of winter are lovely), but I want to curl up in a ball and succumb to hibernation.

Online window shopping is comforting. Don’t judge (I know you’re not). I’m feeling ultra girly and a little bit more sensitive than usual. With the addition of  a nice bottle of gin, this also serves as my own personal yuletide wishlist when the time comes around.

Winter Wishlist :: girldust.com

  1. I love this shade from Rituel de Fille’s new Feral collection. I would wear it every day.
  2. I have linked it before, but I think the Belonging to the Darkness ring from Bloodmilk is just achingly beautiful.
  3. This is everything I dream of in a robe.


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