It’s been ages since I’ve written a collection post, so I find myself here.

I’ve added three new pins to the collection over the last few months. I’ve been incredibly deliberate when it comes to picking out new pieces, which is why it’s such a small update. I’ve also culled the flowers (which will be up on swapdom, soon) with the hopes that, because they’re so popular, I will find replacements that suit me a little better. This blue tulip is missing some enamel, but I really adored the color. It stands as a placeholder for the time-being.

My personal interests are all over the place, so the choices I’ve made building this collection kind of reflect that. I am really drawn to vintage tourist-type pins, but I also have a soft spot for animal costume jewelry styles. I like that a collection like this can be easily managed, and condensed when necessary.  I am well aware that collections can get out of hand quickly, so it’s honestly kind of nice to collect something that I like, but don’t have any sort of serious attachments to. Selling and trading is part of the fun. I definitely have my favorites, but there will always be a handful of pins I’m looking to replace or upgrade. I try to keep my eye out for pins that are unique and a little quirky.


Tiny update, yes, but I think the beetle kind of makes up for that. I purchased that one at a consignment shop in Concord, NH that was home to a ton of vintage pieces. I was lucky enough to fall in love with something that happened to be on sale. I hope to make my way back there soon, because they had cases full of costume jewelry! The bee and the tulip were sold in a mixed bag of pins at a Goodwill store. There was actually a second identical bee, but when I got them all home I noticed his back leg was broken off. I was originally a little disappointed, but I think I’m content with having just the one!


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