Bright Cellars is relatively new to the wine club scene. We’re currently on our third monthly box, and I think we’ll probably stick with it. I think I can safely say that our matches have gotten progressively better (though the first shipment was also quite nice!).

You start your Bright Cellars experience by filling out a simple quiz to create your taste profile. Your first shipment is based on those answers, and following shipments will be based on your ratings of previous shipments. Our first month included a really bland cabernet, and our notes on that bottle seem to have been taken into consideration. Like many subscription services, your experience depends on your feedback and comments every month.

$60 a month with shipping gets you four bottles. Of the twelve we’ve received so far, we’ve yet to run into anything we’ve tried or heard of previously, so it’s actually been quite a bit of fun. When I filled out my survey, I opted for mostly reds with an occasional “interesting” white. We’ve gotten a white bottle in each shipment, and even though I don’t usually enjoy white wines (because they taste like sick), they managed to send us sweeter whites that we’ve both actually liked drinking. The blend we received in our September shipment (2012 Cambridge and Sunset White Blend) was the nicest white I’ve ever tasted.

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For October, our third shipment, we received 2012 Rey Sol Old Vine Garnacha, 2013 Archer Cellars Red Blend, 2014 El Negotiante Pinot Noir, and 2014 Tierra y Mar Fog Cuvee White. As you can see, we’ve tried everything but the white, which we always somehow end up saving for last. Tj and I both agreed that the best of the bunch was definitely the garnacha.

I know there are a lot of subscription services out there, but what makes this one stand out for me is the care that the Bright Cellars team puts into building a relationship with their customers. I received a hand written note after our first wine shipment, and my interaction with their customer service representative was pleasantly effortless. I appreciate these little details when it comes to mail order experiences. As an introvert, I’m unlikely to ask for recommendations in a physical storefront. It’s rare that I get a personalized experience anywhere. Because of that, this sort of service is something I personally find really beneficial, but I do recognize that it may seem a little impersonal for folks that do enjoy talking to people. I think Bright Cellars has found a good balance.

It’s important to note that this subscription is for adults (21+) only, and an adult signature is actually required upon receipt. Make sure to track your shipment!

** If you’re interested in trying out Bright Cellars, this link will get you 50% off your first month, and I’ll receive a bonus bottle, which is awful nice.

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