December Goals ::

I’m a little late on this one. I’ve been experiencing a serious lack of motivation, here, struggling against a head cold. I’ve also been busy with my final project for the semester, but next week is our last class! It flew by.

I hope this month is treating you well. Do you have snow, yet? There’s none here in southern Maine, but I’m hoping for a white holiday. Even just a flurry would put me in the right spirit.

Finish holiday shopping. This one is obvious. I’m mostly done. I also need to mail out our cards!

Wrap up all my lose strings from moving. I’m embarrassed about this, but I still have maybe a handful of chores left from moving over the state line. Yes, it’s been months. Finalizing health insurance (that’s actually a new task), finding new doctors and switching over my license. All that good stuff. Let’s get that done.

Take time to read. This one astounds me, when I think about it. Most of the reading I’ve been doing lately has been for school. I haven’t really curled up with a good book for myself in weeks. Rather than zoning out to Netflix marathons, I’m going to dedicate those hours instead to the shelves of books I have waiting to be read.

Get back into a fitness routine. I was really good about walking every day over the summer, but I’ve let it slide with the onset of cold weather. Tj’s mum has offered me a guest pass to her gym (she also walks every single morning), so I think I might take her up on that offer. I really just want to dedicate a few hours every week to cardio. I’ve been a bit of a potato. Well, a lot of a potato.

Try a new recipe or two. It’s the time of year that I try to stretch myself when it comes to baking. I’ve got a couple old favorites, but I’d like to add something new to the dessert rotation.

The rest of this month is so full of socializing and THINGS TO DO that I am planning on spending the first week of January inside with the doors locked. #introvertsunite Here’s to not letting winter get me down. And you. Do you have any December goals? Share in the comments!

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