This recipe was adapted from Food & Wine.

This is their take on the Rusty Nail, in which they’ve substituted St. Germain for Drambui. The original recipe calls for Angostura bitters, which I’ve replaced with Peychaud’s because it’s what we had on hand. The bitters are herbal with a hint of fruity sweetness, which makes for a good complement to this cocktail. This is scotch-forward, with the St. Germain adding just a little bit of floral and some sweetness. I used a blended Scotch, here, not only because it’s what we had, but the original recipe suggests it.

I’m still finding my taste for Scotch. I’ve always been a Bourbon girl.


In a mixing glass or shaker, stir 2 ounces of Scotch, an ounce of St. Germain and a dash of bitters over ice until well-combined. Strain over fresh ice, and garnish with two expressed lemon peels.

How to express? Using a paring knife or vegetable peeler, get a thick, solid piece of zest and give it a hefty twist over the top of the drink. Garnish with spent peel.

I was lacking the proper garnish, so I added one drop of lemon essential oil. The lemon really brings this cocktail together. Don’t skip it.  I recommend using the real thing, but (food safe) oil works in a pinch.


Ps. The whiskey glass is a birthday gift from Timothy. The set is from Teroforma.

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