If you follow me on various social media outlets (by which I mean pinterest and twitter), you have noticed that I am not particularly shy about my geekiness. I’ve always been “geeky” about many different things, spanning various genres, but I don’t talk much about these things on the blog. By not sharing my geekier side here, I’m leaving out a large part of who I am.  I mean, hell, I lived in a science fiction and fantasy themed dorm suite in college. Our official title was “Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror in Literature and in Media Today,” but it was basically known as Nerd Kingdom. Because come on.

Hello. My name is Naomi, and I am a nerd. I am also a woman, and a well-rounded and functioning member of society. I can dress on-trend, I can roast a chicken, I can DIY with the best of them, and I can play Skyrim while painting my nails.

This is not at all big “reveal” to anyone who knows me closely enough. My co-workers will probably find it surprising, as will readers who are new to this blog. Hi! And welcome! This is all basically a long-winded way to introduce a new category under which I will occasionally write something about Art History or video games or anime or Star Trek. I’m also excited to write about where my interests happen to crossover, because I’m not the only one

Timothy and his friends attended the opening weekend of King Richard’s Faire on Saturday, and it looks like we’ll all be attending later on in the season. We’ve decided that costumes are mandatory. I wasn’t originally very excited about dressing up, but then I found this dress.


From Dark Knight Armoury

It has a hood. Sold.



With the addition of a belt pouch and bottle (after repainting the snaps in silver), I’m pretty much made. I should be able to easily find a leather belt at Goodwill that I can alter.


I also really like this sterling silver & iolite antler pendant by Black Water Siren, but I’m tempted to save and buy something similar at the Faire to support a semi-local artisan.

It’s been ages since I’ve worked on any sort of costuming. I’m really hoping we’ll be able to go, this year. Have you ever dressed up for an event or convention? Maybe I can make this work for Halloween, as well.

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