The first full moon of the new year occurred only a few days ago. I took advantage of that energy to  set some intentions, and shed some negative thoughts.  The full moon is a good time to do some physical goal-setting, or to simply focus internally on the things you’d like to change. It’s a time to let go of whatever it is that may be holding you back. Nature is a powerful companion. We experienced our first real shock of winter temperatures over the weekend, even as the sun grows stronger. The cold air has a way of clearing the mind.

I’m not saying that you should wait until a full moon to let go and move forward. If you are ready to make a change, then absolutely do it. But if you need a catalyst, let it be the moonshine. For 2015:

  • January 4th, Wolf Moon
  • February 3rd, Snow Moon
  • March 5th, Worm Moon
  • April 4th, Pink Moon
  • May 3rd, Flower Moon
  • June 2nd, Strawberry Moon
  • July 1st, Buck Moon
  • July 31st, Blue Moon
  • August 29th, Sturgeon Moon
  • September 27th, Harvest Moon
  • October 27th, Hunter’s Moon
  • November 25th, Beaver Moon
  • December 25th, Cold Moon

Cleanse your space, cleanse your heart. It’s a new year. It’s a new day.



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