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I officially start graduate school on Monday! Cheers! My program begins with Introduction to Museum Studies, followed by one class each semester for like, the next eternity? Pretty much. This semester my schooling will mostly occur from home, with possibly one or two trips to Cambridge. I have never taken an online class before, so this is brand new territory. Harvard’s extension school program is phenomenal, but it is a little bit scary paying for these classes up front in blind faith (in myself!), trying my best to believe deep in my heart that they will accept me as a degree candidate. Basically, I need to kick some serious ass for the next year and a half.

I am feeling a  little like summer flew by far too quickly, but I am doing my best to embrace the now. This is not something I’m great at. Timothy and I had a wonderful summer. We got to spend so much time together, but now he’s back to the television truck grind, and I’m back to maybe looking for a new job. It’s hard to find the motivation. I appreciate that my job doesn’t usually come home with me, but I wouldn’t mind something that did come home, as long as I enjoyed it, was challenged by it, or felt like I was an active contributor in my work. Retail is unsatisfying, dull, and occasionally depressing. I’m in something of a rut, however, where I am comfortable with my co-workers, and I have a schedule that pays all my bills and still allows me to focus on school. The hours I spend at work tend to be excruciating (and dirty), but then I can come home and do my thing and I am more or less content. It’s hard to figure out where the line is!

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