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Friday Favorites // 014 ::

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I’ve been working through the 2015 prompts at journal 52, and it’s been really helpful in rekindling my desire  to create. I’ve been on something of an extended hiatus (yea, let’s call it that).  I’m one of those people who works better under limits and timelines, as I find completely open-ended projects far too overwhelming. Journal 52 has been a welcome refresher. If you’ve ever been interested in art journaling, but don’t have a clue where to begin, I recommend checking them out. The community support is wonderful, as well, though I haven’t personally shared any of my pages. Just seeing others support and help each other has been inspiring, and reminds me that the human race isn’t entirely terrible.

Actively creating has also led me to start browsing art supplies, again, which can potentially become a dangerous road (one I have traveled before). That explains why there’s a fancy pencil sharpener featured on this week’s favorites, if you were wondering. But gosh, that thing is pretty (and currently out of stock, which I guess is a good thing for my wallet).

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