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  1. New shampoo bars at LUSH, and most of them veganCopperhead uses coffee, cocoa butter, henna, and Fairtrade vanilla!
  2. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s “Box of Bonbons” collection for Lupercalia 2015 is calling my name, in particular “Lurid” and “Embalming.”
  3. Speaking of chocolate, Timothy won Valentine’s Day by gifting me a box of Fine & Raw. The cacao and agave truffles are my favorite, so far. I continue to be amazed by his thoughtfulness.
  4. This dress from ModCloth is beautiful. I’ve been keeping my eye out for warm-weather appropriate black clothing. I have a vacation in October to think about, and now’s a great time to start shopping for it. I am sure that post-summer sales will be kind to me, as well.
  5. I have convinced myself that I need these jeans.
  6. This dress from Urban Outfitters (collab with Alice Ritter) is amazing, as well. It also comes in plain black. Only $69.
  7. I love these pins from Explorer’s Press and Prize Pins. “Gone” and “No Time For Anything” have already been added to my collection.

Have a great weekend!


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