This post is all about making your own oil-based facial moisturizer. I originally got this DIY for homemade facial moisturizer from Crunchy Betty, and here I’m going to highlight the essential oils I chose for my skin, and why I chose them! I highly recommend checking out the original post and researching the appropriate oils for your skin type. You can easily mix and match.

This is the basic moisturizer that I use after washing my face and applying rose water. I use only a very, very small amount (about five drops), as a tiny bit of this stuff  goes a long way! I gently massage the oil into my face with my fingertips, avoiding the eye area. The oil is absorbed fully in just a few minutes, and wears well under mineral makeup.

Homemade Facial Moisturizer Using Essential Oils ::

You will need:

Amber glass blocks light, which is necessary for any product containing essential oils. Keep the bottle out of the sunlight (thankfully I have a closet of a bathroom) and it should last you 8-12 months. I always label my homemade cosmetics with the date created. The 4 oz bottles are little large for this project, so if you use these, plan on only filling them about halfway.

  • “base” oil  (I used jojoba, purchased here)

Jojoba oil is quickly absorbed and is suitable for any skin type. It’s especially great for dry, aging, or acne-prone skin. I am currently possessing a trifecta of sensitivity, dryness, and occasional redness.

I then chose a combination of  therapeutic grade (appropriate for use on skin) essential oils, using a few drops of each in my jojoba base:

  • carrot seed – anti-aging; detoxifying; softening; good for aging and dry skin types // grounding
  • frankincense – healing; reduces appearance of scars; soothes inflammation  // uplifting
  • lavender – healing; reduces redness and irritation; good for acne-prone skin // calming
  • rose geranium – healing; good for dry, sensitive, and aging skin types // balancing

Add the oils carefully, just a drop or two at a time, shaking after each addition. You’ll likely only need three or four drops of each. Essential oils are potent. Shake the bottle before use.

The scent of carrot seed is very earthy. I ended up going too heavy on the carrot seed in the last batch I made. Just be aware if you use this oil in your own mix!

There is a plethora of information about essential oils available on the web, so I suggest you browse around for a while before deciding what you want to use.  Everyone is different! I suggest mixing a small batch of your moisturizer, just in case you’re not in love with it! You may also want to patch test for allergies or irritation. Be sure to read each bottle label before using any essential oil! If the oil is not therapeutic grade, do not use it on your skin.

Homemade Facial Moisturizer Using Essential Oils ::

The oils I used are all available in therapeutic grade quality through Young Living. I was originally on the fence about lifestyle brands like dōTERRA and Young Living. I recently took the plunge and purchased a starter kit through YL, and I  was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been experimenting with the Everyday Oils Collection over the last week, slowly incorporating these versions of my old favorites into every day use. The quality of the oils is outstanding in comparison to what I have experience with. I am impressed with the brand’s transparency and honesty when it comes to their farming practices and their consumer-driven sales system. I will likely never buy into their lifestyle products, and will probably continue to exercise caution (as with all corporations), but the oils cannot be beat.

To buy Young Living oils, you can register as either a retail customer or individual wholesale distributor here. As a wholesale distributor you save 24% off retail, and have the option of some added perks if you choose to continue to purchase and sell the brand.

I have had decent results using the following oils topically (diluted), purchased through Amazon (Eden’s Garden brand): carrot seed, lavender, rose geranium. I have also been using this tea tree oil as spot-treatment on and off for ages, with no signs of irritation. If you’re using essential oils without a carrier oil, always proceed with caution. Many oils should not be used without a carrier.

Good essential oils are an investment. If regular use is something you feel you’ll benefit from, I recommend doing some research of your own and making the switch. I cannot stress enough that every individual is different and what works well for me may not work as well for someone else.  Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments; I’ll try to help the best I can! I hope for this blog to become an additional resource in the coming weeks and months.

Nota bene: this post does contain affiliate links. While I do make a small commission from every purchase through these links, I would never recommend a product I couldn’t get behind. Thank you for supporting this blog!

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