I am kind of terrible at keeping up with this.  Let’s keep it short and sweet. Remember when I talked about Hurraw!?  I received my order a couple weeks ago and I’m totally in love.

I ended up with tubes of vanilla, green tea, grapefruit and coconut.  They were sent to me in a charming little reusable tea bag.  I’ve been rather exclusively using the coconut, which is deliciously reminiscent of summertime.  The green tea is a close second favourite.

I was so ecstatic when it arrived in the mail that I made my roommate throw it over the porch to me while I waited in the car.  I think we were going to Olive Garden.  Whatever.  I was excited.  It landed in a snowbank.  I tore it open immediately.

freshly opened

Hurraw! lip balms are hand-poured and crafted from all-natural, organic, and raw ingredients, all of which are ethically sourced and certified cruelty-free and vegan. They go on smoothly with just a touch of shine.  The scents are intense, but the taste is delicate.

I think I’ve found my perfect balm.

While you can order online (and I had to, as Hurraw! is not locally carried), the minimum order is three tubes.  You can choose between first class or priority for shipping, which does keep things relatively inexpensive.  Everything is shipped in recycled cardboard packaging.  So. You should order four instead of three.  Obviously.  That’s what I did.

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