I only recently discovered that the Maine Mall in South Portland is home to a LUSH store. Tj and I visited  a couple days ago. I’ve done the majority of my LUSH product shopping online, which does mean that I’ve been disappointed a couple of times over the years. There’s definitely a huge benefit to shopping in store, and I’m happy that there’s one relatively nearby. We wandered around, sniffing all the colorful bars of soap. These days, if I’m going to spend $30 on a superfluous cosmetic product, I want it to be something we can both enjoy. I’ll always have my own favorites (just search the “LUSH” tag in my archives), but these were the more memorable scents that appealed to both of us.demon

Demon in the Dark




Sea Vegetable


The Godmother **

We ended up buying a big hunk of Sandstone, which the cashier paired with a sample of Ambrosia shaving lotion because it’s kind of lemony. Now that I know for sure which of their more unique soaps I like, I’ll be able to easily purchase them online without fear. It seems like we both like mint, lemon, vanilla, and some earthy scents. We do differ on a few points. For example, he likes grass and I like grapefruit.

** I don’t know why we both liked this one. We found it on the way out. It kind of smells like Swedish Fish. It was a surprise.

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