The 2015 LUSH Valentine’s Day collection has arrived! This is not a sponsored post, I just really adore LUSH. Their Valentine’s Day products always end up being my favorites, because they’re fun and a little decadent.  There is something about ultra-feminine pink and shimmery things that speak to my heart. I (a little bit secretly) find great comfort in the ultra-girly, and LUSH always delivers. I think maybe it’s that …My Little Pony quotient. Speaking of, the unicorn horn bubble bar is high up on my list.

I’ve never showed you my Pony collection.

That might need to be a thing.

LUSH Valentine's Day 2015

Last year, I received the Cupid’s Love soap in my Neon Love box (see post). This year’s version has a bit of a different look, and is free of MPG’s. I missed out on The Kiss gloss and lip scrub, last year, so those are officially on my shopping list as well.

You can shop the collection online now, or in stores starting on January 16th.


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