Let’s do this, bullet-style, but with punctuation that would make my mother frown.

My father visited, last week. We ate lunch at the Maine Diner (where we both flattened pennies, and he enjoyed a slice of blueberry pie) and walked around the grounds at Laudholm Farm. Dad collected many, many (many) rocks. His process is very different from mine. He gravitates toward the large, craggy stones; I prefer the smallish smooth ones.

[Photo by Timothy (rounded by me/Pixlr-o-matic); I also took some photos on our walk (I did, I did!) , but they’re on T.’s camera.]

For an early birthday gift (I turn twenty-eight in a few short weeks), Timothy bought me a new laptop. Like, really new. I don’t really know what to do with myself. I am considering getting myself an ultra-girly Gelaskin. I still need to re-install my Bamboo and get my old documents folder back.

I am currently in the process of considering the birthday gifts I would like for myself. I am very interested in SpaRitual’s Fall collection. I also really want LUSH’s “Uplifted” giftset.

I am on the job hunt. I won’t tell you about that, not yet.

I finished a book, started a new one.

I’ve been sketching or writing (or both) on a daily basis.

I cleaned out my closet for the transition into this season. I could easily go further, but I have attachment issues. You know. That being said, getting rid of excess stuff feels so good.

I currently weigh more than I ever have in my life. I should not be noting this; what I mean is that this should not be notable. But it is, I am noting it. These things happen, I understand, but I am uncomfortable with it.

I switched iron supplements. My whole vitamin “routine” is a bit screwy, now. I’m not sure how this will play out over the winter. I may have to add E (for my skin) and remember  to eat calcium rich foods, as I am no longer taking a multi (the new iron pill has B-12 and vitamin C). Advice would be appreciated, though I prooobably ought to visit a healthcare professional.

I am growing my hair long, again.

How have you been, lately?

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