One of the tasks on my “thirty before 30” list was to swap out some basic wardrobe pieces for more sustainable and/or higher quality options. It’s taken time (of course), but I’ve made quite a bit of progress, there! Tackling my closet was a great place to start. Now, I just need to drag the pile of donations to work with me.

First on the update list was underwear. I talked a bit about my search here. I am still on the lookout for bras and lingerie, but for my basic day-to-day comfy undies, I went with Pact. Their quality, ethics, and customer service are outstanding. I was able to replace four pairs over Christmas using a coupon, and will continue to replace my remaining “normal” undies as they wear out.

As for the bras and lingerie, I’m having a really difficult time finding ethically produced or sustainable pieces in the size(s) I need, let alone pieces that I’m in love with. I may have to simply choose quality over all else, with the intent that these pieces will last me a long while. If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

Tj once sent me this really great piece about personal uniforms that I appreciated, particularly in regards to my current job at Goodwill. I don’t think I’ll be there too much longer, but if I am, it’s something I’d like to actively put into practice. My own work wardrobe is pretty limited to pieces that are nice-ish, long-lasting pieces that won’t be a huge loss if I somehow catch them on a pallet or open a bag of attic debris on them. It’s a really fine balance. I’ve been wearing jeans nearly every day since cold weather set in, but summer will mean three months of skirts, tees, and sanuks. I don’t feel limited, and I still look retail professional if I throw on nice earrings and a lightweight scarf (and maybe switch out the shoes). I think having a work “uniform” allows me to be more creative in my personal time, which is the time that actually matters to me right now.

summer work uniform

Horny Toad // Sanuk // EMS

I very recently replaced one black tee shirt, a black tank, and a white tank with pieces from Threads4Thought. I am happy with their price points ($10-$15), but I don’t think these items will last as long as I was hoping. I think my best bet will be to wear them as many times as possible between washes. The only other T4T item I  own is a hi-low skirt that needs handwashing, so wear & tear hasn’t yet been an issue.

I used to be one of those people who washed something even after wearing it for only an afternoon; I ended up with way too many clothes and really itchy skin. Now I have fewer clothes that I wear more often. BUT I really like clothes. If you read this blog, you may have figured that out, but you’ll also know that I do try to keep things simple and that I want my purchases to matter. I don’t like fast fashion. I try my hardest to shop fair, and I buy more unique pieces second hand instead of new. I make some exceptions. I am privileged. I am part of the culture. With fewer pieces in my closet, though, I am much happier spending that extra $5 for an ethically produced article of clothing versus spending less for more (quantity) at Target. The T4T tops were good buys for me, even if I only get a year or so out of them.

ll bean cotton/modal

black & grey, always

Remaining on the update list:

Suggestions? Thoughts? Share in comments!

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