I’ve been away for a week. Mostly here, but not here.


On Sunday evening, Pete and Natalie came up from Philly to spend some time in Maine and New Hampshire. T. and I spent Sunday evening, Tuesday night and most of Wednesday with them. Another friend from the Boston area made a cameo appearance on Wednesday as well.


I love spending time out with friends, but I am a true introvert. Socializing takes a lot out of me. By the end of the day Wednesday, even though I spent only mere hours out and about over the course of a couple days, I was completely wiped. Let me mention, also, that this exhaustion was coupled with the physical and emotional fatigue that I run into after two weeks without iron supplements (I ordered them online, and found out on Friday that they were shipped to the wrong address).

It still amazes me what a huge difference regular supplements make in my energy and outlook. It’s pretty likely that I’ve been iron deficient for years, as this sort of anemia is linked to depression, chronic headaches, weakness, poor circulation, etc. That being said, the common symptoms of iron deficiency anemia are linked with many other health issues, so talk to a doctor. I went and got a blood test a couple summers ago when I was close-to-fainting at work, and it happened to explain many of my other problems. I am thankful. 

Yesterday evening, I rode to Long Sands with Timothy and his sister for surfing. Feeling incredibly weak, I opted to wander the shore while they surfed. I think this was a wise decision; I’m still exhausted. I got in the water up to my knees and felt more calm than I had in days.


I do wish that I had brought a real camera with us. My phone didn’t quite capture the scene.

Next time.

I have mostly returned. This week is about catching up and spending some time taking care of myself. I may indulge in something beautiful and nourishing for my girl-mind. Thanks for waiting, and another big “thank you” to those of you who left sweet comments on last Monday’s post!

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