I’ve added  a few new pins to my collection in the last year.

pin collection :: girldust.com

pin collection :: girldust.com

The wooden Twin Peaks pin was made by Kate Rowland. She has an etsy shop here with a great selection of pins and other wooden jewelry. The Twin Peaks stuff is my favorite!

The other two pins are vintage, purchased from my local Goodwill. The state of New Hampshire one is pretty special; The Old Man of the Mountain sadly collapsed in 2003. Likewise, I’m guessing the Winnipesaukee button is no longer available for purchase.

I’ve gotten fairly choosy about adding to this collection. The Twin Peaks brooch is actually the only new pin I have. As far as vintage goes, I’m sticking with tourist trinkets and state park paraphernalia.  I had originally set out to continue collecting vintage flower pins (I added one to the collection this year), but the demand is high, making prices skyrocket. It’s a little bit of a downer, but the one I still have of my mum’s is very special to me, with or without a garden of other daisies to accompany it.

I’m hoping to eventually come up with some kind of genius way to display these. If you have any suggestions, leave me a comment! How do you display your favorite collections?

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