I tend to set my “goals” for the year on my birthday rather than on the first of January, but I would like to play along. Auld lang syne and whatnot. In 2013, I waded gingerly outside my comfort zone. This year, I go all in, up to my neck, with waves hopefully no higher than four feet.

In 2014, I will be turning thirty.

This year,

I will eat good food.

I will read more books.

I will be open;

I will allow myself to heal.

I will spend time in the sun.

I will make art.

I will be brave.

There are no numbers, here, only fluid forward motion. 2013 involved many stops and starts. This year, I will follow through.

52 project /week 1 :: girldust.com


* As a short human, four foot waves are actually sort of scary.

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