I made the switch back to natural deodorant after finally thankfully running out of the “back up” antiperspirant I was using. I was going to go ahead and grab another jar of Truly’s (reviewed here!), but I ran across a beautiful company called Fat and the Moon. It totally spoke to my heart. In addition to a 2oz jar of deodorant cream, I also purchased a jar of masa and olive oil face paste.

fat and the moon review :: girldust.com

Fat and the Moon deodorant is made with coconut oil, which means it’s ultra-moisturizing. My main problem with many natural stick deodorants is that they dry out my skin worse than their chemical-laden counterparts. I’ve had really great luck with cream products that use coconut oil as a base! In addition to coconut oil, it contains some lovely odor-busting organic essential oils like bergamont, sage and tea tree. The scent is a nice earthy neutral that doesn’t compete with anything else I wear. This product holds up fairly well during my work and school routine, however if I want to re-wear a shirt before laundering, I have to make sure to air it out really well. I haven’t had a chance to try this during a work out. Because winter. And laziness.

fat and the moon review :: girldust.com

The facial scrub was a bit of an impulse buy. I have sensitive skin, and exfoliation usually causes a lot of grief. In addition, if I am not wearing makeup, I tend not to bother washing my face. I learned the hard way that for me, less is best. However, it’s winter and my skin is dry and itchy; this olive-oil based treatment sounded too good. It has an ingredient list three items long: olive oil, lavender oil, and corn flour (all organic). The corn flour is fine enough that it doesn’t irritate my skin, and the olive oil makes my face feel incredible. I use this once every other night or so before bed. The smell of the lavender is soothing. I’ve been following with a bit of coconut oil as moisturizer at night; I’m still using Neutrogena “Naturals” lotion for daytime. I’d actually like to give Fat and the Moon aloe lotion a shot, though.

While I have been dabbling lately in semi-DIY skincare lately, it’s still nice to treat myself. You can tell these products are made with care. I have only good things to say!

* I was not in any way compensated for this post. I’m just happy to share earth and people friendly products with you! 


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