karma naturals review

Karma Naturals nail polish remover is a soybean (non-GMO) oil based product, and is free of the harsh chemicals found in standard nail polish remover. My first reaction to this product was pure delight in the clean, calm scent. Have you ever held a bottle of nail polish remover under your nose? Probably not. That would be terrible, and probably a little dangerous, but this is not that. I wondered if this product would even work. I was wondering if maybe this was just too good to be true. We now have access to hundreds of nontoxic polishes that can truly take wear and tear, but can we really make an all natural product that can remove them without a lot of extra work?

Surprise! We can! Science! I tested this out on four different polishes, and it worked really well.

karma naturals review

From left to right: Sparitual Osmium (dark blue creme), Julep Beatrix (clear with mixed glitter), Zoya Lulu (sheer light pink), Scotch Naturals Hot Toddy (tan-grey creme)

I wanted to test Karma Naturals with a few different types and shades of polish. It worked well with even thick glitter, which I was impressed by. The glitter and the darker polish took a little longer to remove than the others, which is to be expected, but eventually came off clean with a soaked cotton ball.

Aside from the smell of this product, the biggest difference is that this feels like an oil. It’s super slick feeling on the nails, and doesn’t dry out quickly like standard polish remover. Also important to note: there is no chemical burn. If you have beat up cuticles, you are safe from pain. I did still wash my hands immediately after use and followed up with a jojoba oil nail serum (read DIY here). This product so much kinder to the skin than acetone, but I would still recommend following with a moisturizer, especially if you have dry or brittle nails to begin with.

Karma Naturals nail polish remover is $12 for a 4 ounce glass bottle, and is available to purchase through Abe’s Market in lavender, tea tree, and unscented with vitamin E. I may try the latter the next time I buy this product, just for the added skincare benefits.

I’m really happy that more and more natural options in both nail polishes and remover are becoming available, and that I have access to them. I think, however, if I truly wanted to push for living a more natural life, I would likely do away with these kinds of products all together. This is something I consider, but I do enjoy dressing up on occasion! It’s nice to have a less toxic option.

If you’ve started making the switch, and have yet to find a nail polish remover you love, I would recommend Karma Naturals.

As for nontoxic nail polish, my favorite still remains Sparitual.

Does anyone have any suggestions for organizing a nail polish collection? I would appreciate any input!

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