Probably not a huge surprise, but I am not an iPhone girl. Granted, all of my hand-me-down phones are from my boyfriend, who is not an iPhone boy. That has a bit to do with it. Also, I don’t know, I’ve just never really cared one way or the other.

Here are some Android apps that I like and use regularly. If you are maybe a little like me, you will probably like them too. I’ve opted not to include any games or my daily social media apps on this list, but if you are curious don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

Bloglovin’ (free)

The Bloglovin’ app makes your blogroll mobile. This works more or less the same as Bloglovin’ on the web. They also have it set up so you can import your Google Reader info, and you can use it to follow any blog on the internet, including folks who choose not to make a Bloglovin’ account. Oh and hey, shameless self-promotion here, but feel free to follow this blog. I do sometimes feel like Bloglovin’ is one giant popularity contest (sorry), but that aspect of it (mainly the option to browse “Popular Posts” and “Top Blogs” categories) is more or less easy to ignore.

Color Reference (free)

This is an easy-to-use color guide intended for web developers and designers. You can browse commonly used RGB colors, mark your favorites, and make custom palettes.


GoodGuide (free)

You can use this app to help you and your wallet make more ethical and environmentally-friendly choices while you shop. This is a good, overall starting point for making better product choices on-the-go. The database is fairly extensive and continues to grow.

Google Keep (free)

I started out using Evernote, but it was honestly unnecessarily complex for me; I never needed to use any of the cool features. Keep is jot-a-quick-note on napkin simple. I write a lot of notes to myself.

Google Sky Map (free)

This was the app I was most excited about when I got my first smartphone. I’ve probably spent hours with it.


Pixlr-o-matic (free)

Pixlr-o-matic  is my favorite photo-editing app.  Of all the random photo-related apps on my phone, I use this one the most.


Postagram  (free)

With Postagram, you can send postcards of your cell phone photos in the mail. Cards cost $.99 to send, but I seem to have built up a million credits, so I haven’t had to pay for a card in a while. The photo format is square, so this works well with instagram photos. That being said, I was using this app pre-instagram for Android and Tj, who is not an instagram user, sends me photos from work pretty frequently. The ease for both is the same; I appreciate the flexibility. You can also upload photos and mail postcards from your computer. This app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

RunDouble C25K (free for first two weeks plan, $1.60 to upgrade to full)

I downloaded this on the recommendation of my friend Dani, who will be participating in The Color Run with me in September. Most Couch to 5K plans are pretty similar, but I wanted to make sure I was on the same page with her. Mostly, I like that this app is not directly associated with any particular brand name.

WomanLog Pro ($2.99, free/lite version available)

WomanLog is a menstrual cycle tracker and calender. Pro has some great added features (mood notation, appointment reminders, etc.) but the free version is just as useful. I use this a lot for mood-tracking in regards to supplements I’m taking, as well.

+ I am currently testing out a couple free apps for budgeting purposes. I am using both Expense Manager and Money Lover Expense Manager. I’m not sure which I like best. We’ll see how I feel towards the end of July! Any suggestions?

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