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There will be another snowstorm, this week. While I am happy that this winter has been the first real snowy New England winter we’ve had in ages, I am pretty much over it. I suppose a couple of these wishes are a little more on the summer side of the season, but I think that’s okay. I am pushing this. Hard.

I am ready. I need warmth, green, and lasting daylight. I need clear, star-studded night skies where the air isn’t so crisp I see my frozen breath. I need rivulets of melted snow and the music of peepers. I need the weather to stop tugging at my heartstrings.

I need a hair cut and a green smoothie.

 spring wishlist ::

1. waning crescent necklace, Axe and Apple / 2. long arc earrings, Tiny Armour for Moorea Seal / 3. zodiac notecards, Free People / 4. Viera sandals, Moorea Seal / 5. everything & nothing no. 10, Tokyomilk {dark} / 6. black boyleg malliot, Seafolly for Anthropologie

As I [rapidly] round the corner to 30, I feel the need for a more adult swimsuit. I am no longer comfortable in a two piece. These feelings, I think, come in phases. There was a time, not so very long ago, when I would not have even dreamed of wearing a bikini. Then, shortly after, a one-piece felt constricting in all the wrong places. Bodies (and minds) change. Change is okay.

I did finally bite the bullet and purchase samples of the Tokyomilk Dark line. I have narrowed my choices down to three (Bittersweet, Bulletproof, Everything & Nothing). Everything and Nothing seems to be the most spring-appropriate, but I may also purchase Bulletproof; it’s too dreamy. This, too (perfume purchasing), is change.

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