My most recent Fix (my seventh!) has definitely been the best, yet. They just keep getting better! I was reading back through my previous reviews, and it’s apparent my taste has changed in the last couple years! I was going through a phase. It involved buying white floral shorts. I don’t know. I’m over it.

I left a note with my stylist, explaining my closet’s color scheme (blacks, grays, darker shades, and cool jewel tones), and also pointed her in the direction of my Pinterest style board.  I told her that I needed a few pieces that would be office and Graduate presentation appropriate, but also dress-downable. She used these details and images to create a perfect Fix for me! I ended up with two pieces that I know I’m going to be happy with for a long time.

A couple things before I continue:

  1. When will winter end? I am dry, soft, and blotchy.
  2. Growing out a pixie cut is kind of terrible. Somebody please end my misery.

In this box:

  1. Jessie basket weave detail jersey maxi dress by Gilli $74 (made in the US) kept
  2. Gazele mosaic print blouse by Amour Vert $78 (made in the US)
  3. Kayella lace sweater by Mystree $68 kept
  4. Gilligan cocoon style cardi by RD Style $58
  5. Uruguay pintuck detail top by Skies are Blue $48

The dress is an investment piece, for sure, but will be perfect in the summer and for our vacation. The lace sweater, which I fell instantly, heads-over-heels in love with, replaces a less-loved black sweater that was much too small and boxy.


Kayella lace sweater by Mystree (pet tortoise accessory not available in Fix)

I did like both the blouses, especially the mosaic print, but I already have two similar graphic print tops in my closet as it is (one LL Bean Signature and one Tart, from a previous fix). Both shirts provided no stretch, so a size small was slightly out of my normal comfort level. The oatmeal-colored cocoon cardigan (not pictured) was a non-option. It was cozy and warm, but light colors are asking for trouble. I’m a mess maker.


Gazele mosaic print blouse by Amour Vert / Uruguay pintuck detail top by Skies are Blue

I spoiled myself with this Fix. This girl is officially on a shopping break, especially with next semester’s tuition on the horizon. I’m at a pretty amazing place right now, though, where I am, after purging and replacing, a stable 90% happy with my wardrobe.


Jessie basket weave detail jersey maxi dress by Gilli detail / necklace from the Rock & Art Shop, Bar Habor ME

Use this link to sign up for Stitch Fix! All you need to do is fill out a quick style survey and provide a few details. Remember, the more information about yourself and your style you provide, the better your Fix will be. Give your stylist something to work with, and you’ll be happy.

Thanks to this Fix’s stylist, Heather!

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