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There is three feet of snow in the backyard, with another foot to fall on Thursday, and I am looking at swimwear. Because I’ve worked retail for the last eight years, I can’t help but function on a retail timeline. It’s a sad thing. Hopefully it won’t be the case forever, but here we are. I do believe, however, that thinking about the warmth of the summer sun in the middle of February probably gives us, here in New England, the drive to keep powering through.

As a teen, summer style was difficult. I wore a lot of black. I hated my body. I hid from the sun. Bathing suits, if anything, became purely utilitarian post-puberty. I had the same black one piece for four years, and there were a couple summers I didn’t swim at all. What a sad existence.

Now I live near the ocean, and I like my body just fine. I still wear a lot of black, but I crave the sunshine.

These swimsuits are thirty-something, goth-at-heart girl approved.


Surfing the Swells two-piece top / bottom from ModCloth // Bathing Beauty one-piece in black from ModCloth


So Meshed Suit from Albion Fit // Hula Suit in midnight from Albion Fit


Underwire one-piece from Mara Hoffman // FP x Zinke Sleeveless one-piece from Free People

I guess I’m something of a one-piece person, but I do appreciate two-piece suits for the movement they allow; I feel a little less constricted. Tankinis give both movement and the coverage I’m interested in, so they’re a good happy medium.

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