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Sometimes I feel a little sorry for those of you in warmer climes, even with snow on the horizon. One of my favorite things about living in New England is getting to experience all four seasons fully. Each month here breathes differently. Fall, in particular, brings with its sights and scents the strongest sense of nostalgia for me. I will visit so many places in my lifetime, but this will always be home. I am thankful that Maine is like Vermont in so many of the best ways.

Friday Favorites // 038 ::

  1. This gorgeous vintage-inspired dress will be available for purchase in November from ModCloth. Totally swoony.
  2. These hand painted amethyst runes are lovely.
  3. I think this sweet rose vine crown would be a nice addition to any headpiece collection.
  4. Julep’s November Maven collection is perfect. Matte metallics! I chose “Cheyenne” (auburn) and “Sonia” (steel blue), which will both see me through the winter. I can’t wait to combine them with some of my Jamberry nail wraps. If you’ve been on the fence about becoming a Maven, it’s a great time to join. New Mavens can receive a four piece metallics welcome box for free (+ $2.99 shipping) when they sign up using this link. A fully customizable Maven subscription is $24.99 a month, and it’s easy to skip out on the collections you don’t like. Mavens also earn points with every purchase, which can be used on future boxes.
  5. I love this delicate US-made opal ring.
  6. I’d like to try to make barmbrack. It’s a good time of year to start using the oven again. I’m not normally a fruited cake kind of person, but this recipe makes it look alright. I’d probably just use a combination of dried cherries and cranberries, and omit the raisins altogether.
  7. This wool-blend skirt from PrAna is a serious wardrobe essential.


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I realize it’s Wednesday. Here’s the thing. When you never have a Saturday off, and you haven’t spent quality time with your boyfriend in approximately three weeks, you tend to ignore things like blogging and responding to text messages. Also, honestly, my current schedule is a little stress-inducing. I have very little downtime, these days, and I spend most of it sleeping.

I’m alive. I had a great birthday. Twenty-nine is pretty special.

On Saturday, Shauna and I wandered downtown to explore Apple Harvest Day. We discovered a new-to-us bakery in the mill (Mill Eats), toured a soon-to-be-open community supported brew pub (7th Settlement), and I found a local vendor who carries Hurraw! lip balm (The Axiom Way). I also bought myself some lovely birthday presents.



Tyler’s Sweet Revenge is made here in Dover. The raspberry jalapeno is mostly sweet with a little kick. I want to smother Common Crackers with it, but they are not actually very common here. Because New Hampshire.

I also picked up a Laura Berger print from Artstream, and a pair of pottery earrings from Old Bottle Sea Glass. And I ate a fresh apple cider donut. And two pieces of small batch salted caramel. And probably some other things I forget about.

On Sunday night, Tj and I had a quiet celebratory dinner at Five-O in Ogunquit. No photos, but:

girl: baby spinach with apple, gorgonzola, crisp prosciutto, mulled cider vinaigrette / seared local hake with baby brussel sprouts, pancetta, sweet potato, parsnip puree / sparkling pineapple martini (which included champagne and St. Germain) / citrus cheesecake

boy: young lettuces with toasted pecans, pear, lemon honey vinaigrette / acorn squash tortellini with spiced apple, currants, browned butter / blueberry tart

It was nice to go before they close for the season at the end of the month. There are a couple other restaurants on the coast that we’d like to hit up before snow comes. Tj’s pasta was almost like eating a dessert, but it was so good. I definitely want to give homemade pasta another try, this winter. Last year (or the year before?), we made some raviolis, but it was a very amateur event. As in, the pasta was both rolled and cut with pint glasses.

Birthday books (always birthday books!)  included: Bill Bryson’s newest, One Summer: America 1927 (from Tj) and A Humement (from Tj’s mum and dad). I’m also thinking of picking up Doomed for my kindle, and this beauty is coming in the mail (also from Tj). My dad sent me a sweet, sweet poem (I mentioned this, but will likely continue to mention because I can’t even), which I am currently looking into framing.

I just want to reiterate that having an entire weekend away from work was the nicest, and really the best gift I could have given myself. While I enjoy normally having a weekday off to get things done, I do love the easy kind of joy a real weekend provides.

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I will be honest, this is a rather lofty list. I will likely be purchasing some of these gifts for myself, which means I will be saving my money over the next couple weeks. I’m an adult.



Alana Dress, Paulina Top by PrAna // small bow earrings, dart ring, cuff ring by Another Feather // Block Shop printed scarf // ArchitectMade wood bird // Booda Butter // Escoda Grafilo Kolinsky Tajmyr Sable Brush Set // African basket tote

Those brushes are dreamy, and impossible.

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Gosh it’s already November.

I did some things, today.  I made some things.  For you, in fact.  Oh, just some sort of lacey floral PS brushes.  I don’t know.  I thought maybe you’d enjoy them.  You can use them to decorate photos and such, if you’d like.  I bet you’re clever and you’ll think of something nifty.

Honestly, these are not my best work.  The ones I’ve uploaded here are the third reincarnation and I’m still not entirely satisfied.  But they’ll do.  The title isn’t very clever, either.  Floral Lace?  Seriously?  Gracious.  Clearly not on my A-game today.  Sorry about that.

As I was attempting to make the preview graphic above (which you can click to download the .abr file!), I discovered I had no fonts. That’s absurd. Seriously. So I went on a bit of a font downloading spree, during which I realized that, in addition to variations on typewriter fonts, I seem to be particularly fond of calligraphy and script.  That’s something I didn’t know about myself.  Now you know, too.  Neat!

I also accomplished some grown-up things today, like taking a shower and applying for jobs and going to the bank.  The walk to the bank was lovely and the sunshine lifted my spirits a bit.  I’m not super down, mind you. Things are going alright and I’m proud to report that I’m migraine free.  I have lots of little projects to work on, a big important test to study for, books to read, and recipes to try out (Murder She Wrote to watch).  I need to soak up the daylight while I still can, though, and sometimes that takes a little extra willpower when I have so many nice indoor things with which to occupy myself.

Being unemployed isn’t so awful at all.  I’ve got lots and lots of free time, I just don’t have any money.

That is a bit of a hangup.

On the positive side, my lack of funds has forced me to be far more creative and thoughtful.   I also eat way less junk food!

(We’ll ignore that I just ate a bowl of potatoes and corn smothered in black pepper and sour cream for dinner, ok?)

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