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Note bene: Friday Favorites contain a few affiliate links. I will receive a commission from any sales made through the use of some of the links below. Thank you!

Friday Favorites // 035 ::

  1. I am on the fence about whether or not I need a new hat for winter. I love this hand knit wool toque by MORPH knitwear for SOTBM, and it’s among my top contenders. I’ve been on a break from buying clothes (because I have no real job), and it’s actually made me quite a bit more thoughtful in my purchases. There is definitely more of a desire to make use of what I have. That doesn’t mean I don’t want things (because I do), it just means I’ve become less of an impulse buyer. I think that no longer working at a thrift store has also helped. I will always support buying second hand, but it’s a little silly to buy things you’re not likely to ever wear just because you see them every day. PS do you say toque or beanie? As I’m from northern Vermont, I’ve always been a toque girl. Thanks, dad! ♥
  2. PrAna’s fall 2015 collection is full of some really great, versatile pieces. The Marin pullover is Fair Trade certified and made partially from recycled polyester. This blog is not officially affiliated with PrAna (I wish!), but I love everything about this company. Tj and I both have pieces from them that have officially withstood the test of time.
  3. It’s scarf weather around here! I love this olive and red scarf at Moorea Seal.
  4. Julep’s October collection is totally stunning, as I suspected it would be. I’m a Maven, but I had to opt out of this box simply due to lack of funds (look at me, being a responsible adult). Among my favorites from this collection is definitely Laurel (black with a silk finish). Julep polishes are both vegan friendly and 5-free! If you’ve considered becoming a Julep Maven, now’s a good time to sign up. New subscribers to Julep’s monthly subscription can receive a Halloween Welcome Box for free. Just pay $2.99 to ship. This Welcome Box includes three spooky polish shades and a beautiful black gel eyeliner pencil. When you sign up, use code BOO.
  5. A million times yes to these cozy made-in-the-USA thigh highs!
  6. Haunted Air (a book about Halloween, with a forward by David Lynch) has been on my book wishlist for a while. Amazon just reminded me. Happy October!
  7. Melissa Rand, the artist behind Skullery, makes beautiful resin fantasy crystals and replica skulls. I love her work. Shown here is sphagnum moss embedded in a resin crystal, definitely one of my favorite pieces. Check out her etsy shop for more. I can think of a hundred applications for this lovelies.
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Halloween is upon us (okay, pretty much)! Are you excited? I’m excited. It’s the time of year to let your inner goth shine without anyone pointing at you and laughing. Although, to be perfectly honest, now that I’m an adult I totally don’t care. It’s like I’m a slightly more confident, put together (also wiser and more thoughtful) version of the girl I was as a teenager. And I’m proud. That being said, I very rarely wear a black lip. My day-to-day look, especially  lately, actually involves very little makeup at all. But it’s soon to be October, friends. Magic is afoot. Be bold. Wear black lips with pride, if you don’t already. Don’t wait until last minute, either! Treat yourself to something luxurious. You’ve got plenty of time.

PS. Why is there no bat emoji? Or witch hat?

The following lip products are cruelty-free and/or vegan. I’ve listed them from most indulgent to least, and all (some more than others) are full of natural and nourishing ingredients. I’m serious about treating yourself.

Black Lips for All ::

Axiology/Kat Von D/Nero Cosmetics

  • Axiology / Existential: buy here $28 (cf/v)
  • Kat Von D / Studded Kiss lipstick in Slayer: buy here $21 (cf/many shades vegan, including this one)
  • Zosimos Botanicals / Onyx: buy here $20 (cf/v)
  • Nero / Nevermore: buy here $18 (cf/v)
  • Portland Black Lipstick Co. / Original Black: buy here $14 (cf/contains beeswax)
  • Insomnia Cosmetics / 3am: etsy shop currently down, as creator is recovering from illness $12 (cf/v)
  • Black Widow Balm / Black Magic: buy here $10 (cf/contains beeswax)

Have you noticed that black lip shades always have the coolest names?

Black Lips for All ::

two swipes of product, natural (mid-afternoon) light

Axiology lipsticks make for a totally decadent experience. This is a beautiful, lovingly made product. This is the highest quality lipstick I have ever owned, and it’s one I feel really good about purchasing (plus I got it on sale). Check out the ingredients list here. Existential is highly pigmented and ultra-moisturizing. I prefer to use a lip brush, but the lip color will apply nicely straight from the tube. This goes on smooth, with a light shine. This is a great example of a luxury brand with a wide range of color options. They make non-traditional colors really approachable.

Insomnia Cosmetics lipsticks are all made by hand in small batches. 3am is a semi-matte, highly pigmented black. There is instant gratification with this one. Applies best with a lip brush. I’m hoping this shop re-opens soon, because their products are great, with a lot of character. Moonchild (a bright berry purple) is one of my favorite lipsticks, right now! 3am was originally part of a Halloween collection, but was re-released into regular rotation due to popular demand.

Black Magic wears like a lip balm. It applies sheer and can be built up to your desired level of blackness. What it lacks in instant pigmented coverage, it more than makes up for in texture and scent. This Color Balm is infused with a blend of peppermint, pine, and nutmeg essential oils. I recommend using a lip brush for precise application and color build-up, but if you just want an on-the-go swipe of glossy sheer gray, go straight for the tube. Color Balm is available in a wide range of tints, if black isn’t your thing. This is a good option if you don’t feel 100% comfortable wearing a full-on black lip!

If I’ve missed any of your favorites, please let me know in the comments!

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Nota bene: Friday Favorites posts contain some affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from any purchases made through clicking those links below. Thank you!

Sometimes I really miss reading ghost stories from the pages of an actual book, huddled under blankets or in sleeping bags with my friends. We grew up in old, scary-but-comforting farm houses. Creaks and groans and barred owl screeches. Whispers of my name in the middle of the night. Stories about haunted old inns (and the shadow of a woman in the upstairs window*).

*Actually, the shadow story is from my college days, when Tj would travel late at night/early in the morning to and from my father’s house in Vermont. He since has had a hard time sleeping at that house, though I never recall experiencing anything in that particular bedroom. I think my mom had stories, though.

I grew up at a good time, in a good place. I had just the right level of pre-tech childhood, enough to appreciate the fact that Creepy Pasta is now a thing.

Friday Favorites // 028 ::

  1. I love this gorgeous dress from Free People. Everything about it is sheer perfection.
  2. We’re in the midst of planning our end-of-summer camping trip. I want to burn this campfire candle all the time.
  3. Have you seen the new Allure x Butter London Arm Candy polish collection? My personal favorite is “Disco Nap,” a charcoal glitter.
  4. This Picasso jasper ring by Lovetatum is stunning. Picasso jasper is said to bring about calm, and help aid with transformation.
  5. We really like our bitters around here. These Black bitters from Dram Apothecary look intriguing, with the flavors of black tea and cardamom. Yum!
  6. This book (published in 1994, when I was in the fourth grade!) is the book that got me really into ghost stories. I re-read it every year or so, devouring my old favorites and skipping over some of the scarier alien stories. Maybe I’m biased, but New England is home to some of the best ghost stories and urban legends. The author has since written a handful of others, all equally engrossing, but this will remain my favorite.
  7. I love this enamel pin from Word for Word. I think “in dogs we trust” would be slightly funnier, but I also like dogs (and wordplay) slightly more than I like cats.
  8. I am way into anything with a crescent moon motif. These cute little moony studs were made for me.
  9. These Seychelles booties are at the top of my “must haves” list.

Nota bene: Friday Favorites posts contain some affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from any purchases made through clicking those links below. Thank you!

It’s July, which inevitably means retailers start showcasing their fall products. I spent the last decade or so in retail-land, so I am used to this and not particularly bothered. It’s also beneficial because as a girl who likes dark clothing  and long sleeves, late summer is a great time to shop. The lace, crochet, and sheer pretty things I love for layering go on sale, and more black goes back on the shelves! Win.

Friday Favorites // 027 ::

  1. Carrie Bilbo’s jewelry designs are beautiful. My favorite is this sterling moth necklace.
  2. I love this moon return address stamp from Native Bear. Now that I have a more permanent home, I feel like this is something I could get for myself.
  3. Tj just bought a bunch of really cool tees from a local company, and I was disappointed when I discovered they don’t carry women’s sizes. I’ve been moping a little and making my own tee wishlist. That list includes this one (and some others) from Friendly Oak. This is one of my all-time favorite shops on etsy!
  4. You may or may not know, but I am definitely a big nerd. In all the typical ways. I’m proud. So. Can we talk about comic books for a quick second? The new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series from Archie Horror is actually really great so far. It’s a darker, horror twist on the original Sabrina character, and even though we’re only three issues in, I am definitely digging it. Lots of fun historical and folkloric references, so far.
  5. I love this simple black cord bracelet by Maslo at Moorea Seal. Perfect every day piece.
  6. These shades are killer.
  7. The UK designer Brit-Stitch is now available in the states exclusively at ModCloth. Brit-Stitch bags come in an array of colors, sizes, and shapes. I like this black one in particular. You can check out all the available designs and learn a little more about the company here.

Nota bene: This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated for any purchases made through some of the links below. I appreciate your readership and support, as always!

Friday Favorites // 024 ::

  1. I recently discovered Sisters of the Black Moon, and I am completely smitten. Discovering gems like this rekindles my desire to curate a small shop. I’m not sure if that’s in the cards or not, but it’s always been a flutter of a dream. The Lumen cuff by HVNTER GVTHERER is a great piece.
  2. I love this wool hat from Moorea Seal.
  3. And this pouch by Fluffy Co.
  4. I’ve been keeping it kind of hushy on the blog, because I didn’t want to jinx it, but I successfully passed my road test and am now a licensed driver. Thirty years old! I am an adultier adult than I was yesterday. I like this key fob from With Care an awful lot.
  5. I might need this delicate flower and hand pin from illustrator Jessica Roux. She does beautiful work.
  6. H is for Hawk is on my reading list. Have I mentioned that my reading list consists of a stack of books up to my knee? Timothy and I recently sorted through our collections of books. Tough decisions were made. We kept our favorites and a selection of titles to read/re-read before donating.
  7. This throw pillow is everything.
  8. The lace detail on the back of this cardigan is gorgeous. Summer in New England is short and fickle. Cardigans are always a necessity.
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