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One pair of fleece lined leggings is not enough. This is New England.

We drove North into New Hampshire over the weekend and there was snow on the mountains. Winter is upon us.

I recently won a Fair Trade USA + PrAna #BeFair giveaway (on pinterest). I am under the impression I get to choose an item from PrAna’s Fair Trade collection, which is here. I’ve had my eye on the long sleeved Alana dress for months, so I am hoping that it’s one of my options. It has a hood. It is my dream. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Honestly, my winter gear list is more up to date than it has been in years. I have Timothy to thank for that! These items are more wanted than needed. So it goes. How are you preparing for the snowy months? Do you even have snow? You’d better not be from somewhere sunny. You simply wouldn’t understand (I jest, but only a little).


Inga pant by PrAna / Shinsky beanie by North Face / Long Ribbon touchscreen glovesSplit Snowflake sock by SmartWool /  Sydney Hale Co. fir + blue sage candle / Pendleton Woolen Mills Acadia National Park blanket / + Gritty McDuff’s Christmas Ale

I love Maine. I love that I will be living in Maine.

I actually have a wonderful winter hat (a gift from Teej), but I am constantly cold, and I like the idea of having something lighter weight to wear inside. And, for the first time ever, I am going to also need gloves for driving. Mittens seem like they would be difficult, but obviously I have no point of reference. Am I going to need full use of my fingers?

And, since we are on the subject of snow, and because my Vermont pride will never dissipate despite my eventual Maine induction, let me take a moment to mention Snowflake Bentley. I have him to thank for the snowflake images above. This book, with beautiful illustrations by Mary Azarian, is meant for children, but it’s one of my favorites about Bentley.


If you ever have a chance to take a look at any of  his original photographs, do so. They are stunning to look at up close. The Smithsonian archives are home to five hundred photographs, donated by Bentley himself in 1903. I swear I viewed prints while visiting the museums a couple years ago (because I stared at those tiny photos for ages), but I honestly don’t remember what building we we were in! I may also be confusing our first DC trip with our Chicago trip, which is embarrassing, but entirely likely. Please feel free to set me straight.

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This may have been my best Fix, yet. Just about everything I received this time around was genuinely me, even though the colors were bright. I almost-almost kept two items (I loved four of them to bits) but once again I remembered that I would probably need to eat and drink coffee and buy shampoo this month.

Providing detailed feedback after each Fix, as well as linking the stylists to some kind of personal style inspiration pin board makes a huge difference. Thank you, Sarah, whoever you are.

Honestly, my only qualm with the Stitch Fix program in general is the lack of information about the brand names. A good portion of the items I’ve received have been made in the US, but I only have solid information on the labor practices of a scant few of the brands who outsource their labor. Green America has been a helpful general resource for me, but they don’t list much information on smaller labels. I usually have to  google search a label and hope that their own website clearly mentions standards and practices. With this in mind, I’m going to take a bit of a Stitch Fix break for a while to save money for clothes I can get behind.

Not Pictured: 41 Hawthorn Double Tear Drop Earrings // Sweet Rain Halsey Graphic Print Skirt



Aryn K. Layla Crochet Detail Collared Tank


Angie Delcan Crochet Insert Floral Print Top

The Stitch Fix stylists have learned that I love crochet.



Angie Aviary Floral Print Belted Shirtdress

The earrings looked really pretty (peachy-coral and gold double tear drops), but they were surprisingly low-quality and definitely not worth the price. They were also far too heavy for my ears. I haven’t seemed to have very good luck with accessories in these Fixes.

The skirt, even though it was swingy and the perfect length, wasn’t something I could wear with anything I already own. I’ve also come to realize I am not super into geometric prints on my own clothing. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but I am primarily a floral, stripes, and solids kind of girl.

I loved both shirts, but they both had some issues with fit. The floral top was too long for my torso and boxed my shoulders out, and the tank top just had a general not-quite-rightness to it. I desperately wanted to make one or both of them work, but eventually forced myself to understand that it wasn’t worth it. I probably would have kept the tank top despite the fit issues, given the funds, or if it had been maybe half the price.

In the end, the dress was the clear winner. I think my Fix stylists know who they’re dealing with now, though, so I am sure to receive more crochet and floral in the future!

If you’d like to schedule your own Stitch Fix, please feel free to sign up using my referral link! Thanks! You can read about my previous Fixes here.

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I have been looking forward to my third Stitch Fix for about a month. Of course I did the dumb thing, and scheduled it to arrive on a week that my rent is due. Sigh. Once again, I didn’t quite get to reap the full benefits of this program. However, I did actually get to take some relatively decent photos of the tops my Fix stylist chose for me. In the end, there were three of the five items I really wanted to keep. The fifth item (not pictured) was a zebra print scarf I was not even remotely interested in. I currently have my options narrowed it down to two. I think. I have until Wednesday to decide. Thoughts? Guesses?

I do realize I am not looking at the camera in any of these photos. I’m not trying to be cool. It honestly makes me uncomfortable. I’m working on it.


Daniel Rainn Lindsay Silk Sleeveless Blouse



THML Kahlo Embroidered Racerback


Mystree Verina Crochet Detail 3/4 Sleeve Top


Honey Punch Payge Striped Cross-Back Sweater

I was easily able to narrow my choices down to three. I don’t know how much you can tell in the first photo, but the fit of the silk tank is totally not right for my body. Narrowing down to two was a bit more difficult, and I am still torn. I’m asking Timothy to help me make my final decision. There really can only be one.

You can get your own Stitch Fix scheduled here! If you sign up through my referral link, I get a few credits towards another Fix. And feel free to check out my previous Fixes (my second shipment was the best, so far)!

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My second Stitch Fix arrived in the mail, earlier this week! You can read all about my first Fix, here. Both experiences have been entirely enjoyable, and I highly recommend signing up if you’re interested in style! The price range absolutely reflects the quality of the items you receive. I paid around $40 for each of the shirts I’ve so far, and I am so pleased with both.

So. Let’s see what they sent me, this time!

  • 41Hawthorn Hook Detail and Toggle Bracelet Set


I received bracelets in both of my fixes. While I originally signed up to receive jewelry items, I think I may change my settings. I am making a huge effort to choose quality handmade, ethically produced, or vintage jewelry that I absolutely love. The bracelets I’ve received from Stitch Fix have been nice, but they totally don’t fit my current standards. Besides, I would much rather have more clothes to try on!

  • Collective Concepts Poplar Pintuck Bishop Blouse
  • Mystree Tay Colorblock Crochet Knit Cardi
  • Peppermint Summer Ruffle Detail Sheer Tank
  • Awake Couture Linda Chevron Stripe Jersey Dress

Let me just tell you, before I show you photos, this Fix was SPOT ON. I had such a hard time choosing just one item. I honestly would have kept all four pieces if I had the money, this month. Sadly, I could really only afford the one item.





In the end, it came down between the navy blouse and the sheer tank top. The dress, even though I did like it a lot, was a bit too expensive for something I knew I wouldn’t wear often. The cardigan was absolutely 100% perfect, but I couldn’t quite make the price work for me, this time around. I am really, really sad to see that go.

I ended up choosing the tank top. It is summer, after all! The diamond print is great, and I fell in love with the buttons.

This top will be making its summer debut during my trip to DC in a week and a half!

++ PS. You can still enter my little gemstone giveaway! Pop on over to this entry and leave a comment if you’d like to win!

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It’s almost April! I can’t even deal! Here are a few things on this season’s wishlist. I’m desperately hoping to get out in the dirt this year and get some things planted.


1. Hunter boots in violet

2. Windowsill Herb Planter from SERRV

3. “Live with Passion” print from The Wheat Field by Katie Daisy

4. Fairweather Cardigan in Harlequin from Madewell

The last couple days here on the seacoast have been 50+ degrees and sunny. The snow is slowly melting, and I’m enjoying iced coffee. Fingers crossed that this is it!

I’m off to work on some water colors and contemplate a birthday dinner for Timothy. I hope you’re having a great day. ♥

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