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Welcome Friday! I started writing this post from the comfort of our back deck. It’s been a long while since I’ve had a computer that could actually be considered portable, and I’m definitely warming to the idea. We’ve yet to find ourselves a comfortable set of deck chairs, but I’m happy for the moment to take advantage of the sunshine in a stowaway camp chair. I’ve got cold brew coffee, and a wild cat companion at my feet. It’s a good morning. We put a lot of work into this corner of the backyard over the last week or so, and it’s already paying off.

Friday Favorites // 051 ::

  1. These moon earrings by Merewif from Moorea Seal are killer.
  2. The aqua sunglasses from Rainbow OPTX are perfect. I’m actually really into most of the transparent frame options! Which is your favorite?
  3. I’m newly obsessed with Pura Vida bracelets. Every bracelet purchased helps provide full time jobs for artisans in Costa Rica, and Pura Vida has also teamed up with some great conservation charities (including Shark Savers). Obviously, I’ve signed up to a rep. Receive 20% off your Pura Vida order using the code NAOMIDENSMORE20 at checkout.
  4. New papaya pineapple lip balm from Hurraw! Give me ten tubes, thanks. Also, if you’re worried about your lips this summer, the SPF 15 balm balm is just great. It’s one of my favorites, and it smells like tangerine!
  5. Celestite is known to soothe anxiety. I have one or two small tumbled specimens, but this raw crystal cluster is stunning.
  6. I really love elephants. I have been known to cry in their presence. To be honest, I get emotional about a lot of animals. This will probably never change. This cute and comfy looking tank top is made in the US.
  7. I would love to get my hands on this Toshio Saeki (aka the Godfather of Japanese Eroticism) anthology book. The product description at Magic Pony covers the bases, if you’re unfamiliar with ero-guru. NSFW.


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Nota Bene: This post contains some affiliate links. I will be compensated for any purchases made through these links. Your clicks help support this blog.

Friday Favorites // 005

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I am dreaming of outdoor adventures and the ocean. Always. Happy Friday, friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. The weather here is supposed to be gorgeous.

Have you ever been to an aquarium with sharks? Or observed them in the wild? NEAQ is home to a couple smaller varieties, but I would love to see some bigger animals up close. Sharks are stunning creatures.

I’ve noticed a whole lot of internet outlash against aquariums, much of which I think comes from misinformation and assumption. I  get it, I do. I too dream of a world where all animals live wild, free from human influence, but the fact of the matter is that we don’t live there. It’s too late for that world; we already ruined it. The best we can do is rebuild, repair, and reevaluate. We have to make the best of a bad situation. The New England Aquarium, and institutions like it, stand as strongholds of conservation, animal rehabilitation, and public education. Let’s not confuse these places with Sea World (which may or may not have the same merits), or with unlicensed roadside attractions (which absolutely do not). Let’s support the places that are making a positive impact.

The LUSH soap linked to above supports the Fin Free movement (and is vegetarian and cruelty free). I may not actively watch television, but Shark Week on Discovery Channel starts August 10th.


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