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Friday Favorites // 056 ::

  1. I’ve been trying to be more mindful in my clothing purchases and wishlist additions (window shopping only, these days). Will I wear this often? Is it flattering? Who made this? Will it replace something of lesser quality already in my closet? Is it adult? All valid questions. I’ve also been trying to add maybe a little more color to my wardrobe (just a little), but sometimes black is simply the way to go. I love this dress from Synergy Organic Clothing.
  2. Girls. To. The. Front. I love this pin by Chicago-based artist and designer Jenna Blazevich. Find it at Vichcraft. Now, maybe more than ever, we need ladies supporting ladies.
  3. Sand Cloud Towels donates 10% of every purchase to help protect marine life. This peachy beach towel is currently sold out, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for new or re-stocked striped designs closer to spring! You can use this link to save 25% on your first order at Sand Cloud. This is valid for new accounts only; enter your e-mail address to receive a code!
  4. Valentine’s Day at LUSH is basically my favorite ever. Rose scented everything, please! I like buying bath bombs (like this one) to bring on trips, since we don’t have a bathtub. Hotel baths are always nice.
  5. At some point between Halloween and Christmas, my face broke out in a red bumpy rash because of some dumb thing I put on it. Make up? Soap? I don’t know, but since then I’ve been making more of an effort to be kind to my skin. This facial steam herbal blend from Mullein & Sparrow has become a semi-regular part of my self care routine.  It’s full of lavender, rose, and calendula.
  6. That thing I said about clothing at the beginning of this post also definitely applies to jewelry. I spent a few hours last week sorting through my collection and tidying up my displays and storage. I then did a second round yesterday, getting rid of even more junk. It felt good. So, that said, I’m smitten with this pair of tiny, simple pearls. My previously suggested questions have all received the proper answers.

Do something kind for yourself, this weekend, and do something kind for someone else. If you’re able, get outside. Or pick up a book from your library. Support a local business you’ve previously neglected. The light has to come from somewhere.


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When I first cut my hair, I was ecstatic. I felt so pretty! But lately, I’ve been feeling blah about the whole endeavor. It’s hard to feel feminine when you look like a member of a boy band. Maybe it’s winter. Maybe it’s the grey skies that have me down.

Short hair works for me. When it comes to my morning routine, the less involved it is the better. I’ve never been one to set aside much more than fifteen minutes for my hair and makeup (HA. What?).  When I did have long hair, it was thin, dull and prone to static. Timothy’s house looked like we owned five cats from the constant shedding.* I never styled it.

Today I’m trying to put a positive spin on things. Perhaps, my short hair will make me stand out in the endless sea of style bloggers. While browsing Pinterest, I noticed so many comments touched on the bravery of young women who choose short styles. That idea bothers me a little (I’ll elaborate on that some other day), but for now I’ll take even the smallest boost of confidence where I can get it.

Here are some pretty ladies who absolutely owned short hair.

short hair celebrities ::

1. Jean Seberg / 2. Mia Farrow / 3. Natalie Portman / 4. Emma Watson

* I still occasionally find long hairs threaded into his sweaters. It’s kind of funny.


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beauty routine

You asked, so I’m answering!

No, just kidding. You totally didn’t!

I did get asked about this a really long time ago on twitter, but that only made me snort and spit out my coffee. And that made a mess.

I am generally a mess.

Here’s the thing. I don’t really have a routine. Not a traditional/cohesive one, anyway. I used to, but that made me miserable, and just played into my multitude of obsessive compulsive tendencies and my low self-esteem. There are some things I do every day or in a certain order, and there are certain products I love. Does that make a routine? I don’t know.

I don’t really have a look. I mean, I guess I do, everyone does, but I’m not 100% on how to define it. People definitely expect a certain look from me, at this point, and whatever it is, I have developed and honed it well over the last half-decade or so. I have certainly come into my own. I would call it “effortless,” but I think the implication there is that I am actually a put together, pretty person. That’s not truth. *

I would classify myself as rather low key when it comes to these sorts of things. My “routine” as it stands is more composed of things I don’t do than things I do.

Two whole years ago, I made a comprehensive list of the products I use regularly. Since then, I have added and removed a couple things, but for the most part, it hasn’t really changed much.

I wash my hair probably every other day, tops. It’s very fine, ridiculously straight, and is getting to the length where the ends tangle easily. I tend to wear it up, most of the time, and messily. I am probably not being as nice to it as I could be. After I wash and condition, I spritz a little Andalou Naturals lavender & biotin spray at the roots, work through with my fingers, and then let my hair air dry. I only brush it when it’s completely dry, because otherwise it’s a total disaster.



My skin is sensitive, so I have to be cautious. Additionally, I tend to avoid products that are tested on animals or contain too many crazy chemicals I can’t pronounce. I don’t buy into anti-aging, because I am actually pretty okay with aging. I like to be clean, but I also like to be covered in salt and sand and soil and pine needles. If I’m not doing anything special (like working, or socializing with prettier people), and if I don’t smell, I’m content not showering for a couple days. I shave, everywhere. I wear deodorant (digging Truly’s all natural, which I reviewed here), though not anti-antiperspirant. I like painting my nails and I sometimes wear lipstick and mascara. I stopped washing my face two years ago and never really looked back. My birth control pills tend to keep my breakouts in check. On the rare occasions I do wear makeup, I wash my face with a gentle cleanser. Otherwise I rinse with warm water and follow with moisturizer. Once upon a time, I followed the old rhetoric: wash-tone-moisturize(-medicate), and I suffered for it. I didn’t realize that my skin simply couldn’t take it. I stopped. Now I even occasionally glow.

* Here’s my truth. I think confidence and health and kindness are beautiful. I am slowly becoming more confident with who I am, and more accepting of the little things I used to obsessively, violently try to remove, erase, and change.  That being said, I respect women who do things their way, and look the way they want to, whatever the reason. What works best for me probably doesn’t work best for most people. I’m never going to be that super chic, put together woman, and I don’t think I want to be. I am willing to accept that my body and personality may change as I get older, so my routine (or lack thereof) probably will as well!

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Dear Women Bloggers,

Don’t apologize for talking about politics (or anything else) on your blog. You don’t owe anybody anything.

Be brave.

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This little gem of a cookbook belonged to my Nana.

Circa 1959.

These are big so you can enjoy them properly.  Click click.

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