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Friday Favorites // 039 ::

  1. Cellar Door’s 2015 winter holiday fragrances have arrived! I fell in love with this company over Halloween, and their winter soaps look beautiful. Winter Warmth and Krampus (of course) are on the wishlist.
  2. All the crushed velvet, please.
  3. We are still slowly putting our office space together. I’d use this enamel mug as a pen cup for the desk, since I’m bad at keeping my drawers organized. Last year Teej got me these push pins as part of a Christmas gift. Nothing wrong with sticking to a theme! I still need to get a bulletin board.
  4. I love everything about this tunic from Free People. I am not currently purchasing clothes for myself, but this would for sure be among the first things on my list.
  5. This tiny silver plated waning moon ring is the sweetest.
  6. If you haven’t seen Julep’s December Maven collection, it’s worth a peek. I am smitten with Virginia, an iridescent molten mahogany. Pretty, pretty.
  7. I am a big tea drinker, especially in the winter. I love this handmade ceramic tea strainer.

Psst. Come back to this entry around 6pm EST. I have a little surprise for you!

Did you come back? ♥  Free People is running a four hour sale tonight only until 10pm EST! You’ll receive 20% off orders $200-$499 OR 25% off orders $500 and over. Enjoy! Free shipping on orders over $100, as always.

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The days are short and the nights are cold.

I hope your holiday season has been a peaceful and happy one so far. I hope you are getting to spend time with the people you love. I hope that no matter how you celebrate (or not!), you’re wishing well to your fellow humans. We’ll be splitting our time between NYC and Vermont, this year.

I need a little magic. City lights and Northeast Kingdom snowfall.

Friday Favorites // 012 ::

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Friday Favorites // 012 ::

The Cosmic Collective 2015 Moon Energy calendar is a limited edition piece available for both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.  It features some beautiful work by two talented artists. Get it here.

Until December 30th, ModCloth is running an amazing 50% off markdown sale, with great deals on seasonal favorites. I am madly in love with that purple sweater dress.


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Friday Favorites // 003 ::

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I seem to have camping, wandering, and star gazing on my mind, this week. Summer is slowly fading. I’m hoping to make the final weeks before the leaves change last as long as possible.

I suppose, if I do the math, I have had at least as many adult summers as I’ve had childhood summers (I’m 30, and we’ll say summers started at age 5 and lasted until age 19), but it doesn’t feel that way. It feels as though the summers of my younger years stretched endlessly, and I still live partially in the mindset where I expect that extended break. I am always a little disappointed when I realize that time away does not currently exist for me. I have to get out of bed and face and world and brush my teeth and pay for things. I hope to recapture that floating feeling of freedom at the end of August with campfires, ocean-side bike rides, and books for hours, even if it only lasts five days. I am thankful to have the perfect person to escape the world with.

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Friday Favorites 002 //

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A reboot! Friday Favorites is back! Retail therapy. Lately, my money is being stashed for gradschool and our end-of-August camping trip. I’m happy with this, but there are always things to dream of. I have a hard time letting go of my desires for material possessions. I think that will always be a work in progress. Also interesting to note: my style is becoming more and more feminine as weeks go by. Admittedly, there is a part of me that worries my short hair makes me look a little more androgynous than I would like to appear. That’s not to say I haven’t skirted the line in the past and enjoyed it, but these days, I am feeling comfortably soft.

Friday Favorites 001 //

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