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I’ve been away for a week. Mostly here, but not here.


On Sunday evening, Pete and Natalie came up from Philly to spend some time in Maine and New Hampshire. T. and I spent Sunday evening, Tuesday night and most of Wednesday with them. Another friend from the Boston area made a cameo appearance on Wednesday as well.


I love spending time out with friends, but I am a true introvert. Socializing takes a lot out of me. By the end of the day Wednesday, even though I spent only mere hours out and about over the course of a couple days, I was completely wiped. Let me mention, also, that this exhaustion was coupled with the physical and emotional fatigue that I run into after two weeks without iron supplements (I ordered them online, and found out on Friday that they were shipped to the wrong address).

It still amazes me what a huge difference regular supplements make in my energy and outlook. It’s pretty likely that I’ve been iron deficient for years, as this sort of anemia is linked to depression, chronic headaches, weakness, poor circulation, etc. That being said, the common symptoms of iron deficiency anemia are linked with many other health issues, so talk to a doctor. I went and got a blood test a couple summers ago when I was close-to-fainting at work, and it happened to explain many of my other problems. I am thankful. 

Yesterday evening, I rode to Long Sands with Timothy and his sister for surfing. Feeling incredibly weak, I opted to wander the shore while they surfed. I think this was a wise decision; I’m still exhausted. I got in the water up to my knees and felt more calm than I had in days.


I do wish that I had brought a real camera with us. My phone didn’t quite capture the scene.

Next time.

I have mostly returned. This week is about catching up and spending some time taking care of myself. I may indulge in something beautiful and nourishing for my girl-mind. Thanks for waiting, and another big “thank you” to those of you who left sweet comments on last Monday’s post!

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I’m taking a short break from art making to share a few favorite corners.


citrine / salt water


recycled glass sun-catcher from Maho Bay, Saint John / mini art piece by Erin Partridge


in progress


ring dish / wood, glass, bone, metal, resin


real magic


Kurt Halsey postcard print / color wheel pendant by Yellow Owl Workshop

I look forward to eventually sharing a home with Timothy, but even then I think we will both need to have spaces of our own. So many things have traveled with me from one [attic/dorm/shared] room to another, and I find a great amount of comfort in them. I have a feeling (and a hope), though, that these small pieces of us will blend rather seamlessly.

Now, back to work.

* And a happy birthday to my best friend, Casey. We’ve known each other since we were small. After our first encounter, she believed that I was not actually a real human girl, but some sort of magic-thing living in the fabric shop. Her mother later explained to her that I was the daughter of the lady who worked at the fabric shop, and that I was probably just a little shy.

We became more or less inseparable after first grade.

I love you. 

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I figured it would be safe to reveal what I’m giving my lady pals for Mother’s Day, as none of them read this blog (probably)!

Some background before the reveal: I am a… secret spiritualist? I don’t know. That sounds lame. I keep it to myself, mostly, so it’s kind of strange to put that out there. Atheist, definitely. I believe in freewill. I believe in science. I know old energy exists all around us, and I know life is simply amazing. I totally believe in ghosts (that’s another entry altogether), but I don’t believe in higher power. I believe that ritual is necessary, comforting, whatever that ritual may entail. A ritual may or may not result in something real or tangible, but what is real is different for everyone.

I love. I exist. I am made of stuff that is ancient.

So now that you know a bit about where I’m coming from…

I thought it would be nice to put together a tiny gemstone “care” package, something full of positive energy, for the deserving mothers in my life.

I chose these specific gemstones after doing a bit of research. What I have listed here are the powers that are commonly associated with these specific gemstones; I wanted to choose a combination that was healing, restorative, and balancing for these insanely hard-working women. I really do think, though, that any power can be applied to any object, and that this kind of energy association can work for just about anyone. I find these common associations a great starting point, and I rather like the idea of a focused, community energy.


Moonstone: symbol of femininity, soothes emotions, aids with stress

Picture Jasper: “Mother Earth” stone, grounding/harmonizing, absorbs negative energy

Rose Quartz: unconditional love and peace, restores trust/harmony

Amazonite: soothing, calms mind and nervous system, balances masculine and feminine energy

Sodalite: peace, healing, wisdom, dispels fear/guilt, stimulates trust

I knew that I had to include moon stone and rose quartz, and the others came up as I was searching certain characteristics. Aesthetically speaking, this ended up being a really lovely mix of stones.

** I have one extra set of these (with a handwritten and painted card) to give away. Leave a comment before 12:01am Tuesday, May 14th if you’re interested. I’ll randomly choose a winner on Tuesday. US only, please, and be sure to leave an e-mail so I can get in touch with you if you win! You can also tweet a link to this post for an extra entry. Please leave a separate comment with a link to your tweet if you choose to do so! ♥

++ I bought all my gemstones from Green Earth Stones on etsy.

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I’m not intentionally dragging this out. I have a great deal of things to be thankful for every day, every hour, every minute. It changes. Sometimes I am more shallow than I am insightful, and sometimes I feel bottomless, but I am always thinking how fortunate I am to be here, right now.

I have become fond of this weekend ritual.

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Thursday was the first of what I hope to be many “Girl Adventure” days, this summer. We hiked around a bit at Vaughan Woods in South Berwick and made a quick trip to Long Sands Beach in York (photo). Bigger hikes are in the works, but it was so nice to get outside.  It was even nice to just ride around in the car. The weather has been beautiful here, lately.

I have been fortunate enough to make a couple of actual friends at my current job, women that I really enjoy spending time outside of work with. This doesn’t happen often; as an introvert, making and keeping real friends has been hard for me as an adult. It is so easy for me to e-mail, tweet, and blog, but when it comes to face-to-face interaction, I am unbearably awkward.  I was so worried when I moved here three years ago that I would make no friends and have no life, especially if I didn’t immediately get into school. Now, I am definitely seeing a possibility of remaining friends with these women even after the inevitable exit from Goodwill.

We started out having after-work drink nights, but realized that having daylight excursions could be even more enjoyable. Plans are in the works for hiking trips, shopping trips, bowling, girl stuff.  It seems somewhat strange at a glance that I would bond with women who are mothers, since I have absolutely no point of reference.  Despite my inexperience in those particular matters, I am still made to genuinely feel like I offer stability and good advice. It’s nice. It’s empowering.

It was brought to my attention today that Mother’s Day is in one week. May and June can be a bit of a blur. I’ve been thinking about putting together a small gift for these friends who are mamas (and one of my childhood friends recently had a baby!). I like the idea of surprising them, and the action helps turn what is a somewhat down day for me into something a little more positive and loving. It should be a positive day. The moms I know deserve celebrating.


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