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Hello again! I’d offer some sort of explanation about the cyclically occurring existential crisis of Ye Olde lifestyle blogger, but I’ve come to realize I don’t owe anybody anything. Neither do you. This is true if you have a hundred-thousand followers or if you have ten. Be content in your work or lack thereof, never apologetic.

I will explain part of my absence, though: I was …mostly just busy with school. At the end of the semester, I made an awkward twenty minute Power Point presentation and wrote a 20+ paper about the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) as it functions in Hawaii. This successfully wrangled me an A, even though I did maybe two-thirds of it kind of last minute. That’s how I rolled in undergrad, and I guess those habits don’t just disappear because you’re responsible and you’ve reached your thirties.

If you’re at all interested in reading about my academic/future professional life, do leave a comment here or even on Instagram! I wouldn’t mind talking about public history and conservation, or museum stuff.

Onward! To the Favorites!

  1. Finding eco friendly underthings is slowly but surely becoming easier. I just discovered Maine (!) brand Brook There, which offers a decent selection of organic cotton bras and underwear. Pictured above is the Alchemy bra in black organic cotton with blue silk trim. I am working on an updated Ethical Underthings post, as the original is four years old and definitely a bit out of date! Things are only getting better.
  2. I’d like for my Friday Favorites posts to be more than just a glorified weekly wish list, so I’ll continue to make an effort to include things that I already own, use and love. The Constance top (in the shade moonrock) from PrAna has become an integral part of my summer wardrobe; I reach for it at least once a week. Every piece I own from PrAna is well loved and frequently worn.
  3. Fairy Girl is a 100% cruelty free and vegan cosmetics company. Their liquid-to-matte formula in Sacred (taupey brown) is so gorgeous, and I reach for it even when I’m just hanging around the house (which is kind of a lot). This product dries down, but is still incredibly comfortable to wear! I’d really like to try some of the other liquid shades; both Pink Earth and Autumn Rose are right up my alley. You can use this link to save $10 on a $30 Fairy Girl purchase!
  4. I love this narwhal tote from Sea Bags! I know I’ve shared this company before, but they’re just so good. I’m sad to say that I missed out on a limited edition marine life print that helped to support the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. Whale print is the next best thing? All Sea Bags are handmade from recycled sail cloth in Portland, Maine. ♥
  5. Sivana is one of my favorite places to internet window shop. I love this dainty amazonite bracelet, which is meant to help with self discovery. These are great little bracelets for stacking. Sivana supports Fair Trade practices! First time ordering? Use the code GIRLDUST20 to save 20% at checkout!
  6. For every purchase made through their website yesterday, Seaweed Bath Company donated $1 to World Oceans Day. Add that to the list of reasons why this is one of my favorite skincare brands. Tj and I both really enjoy the Citrus Vanilla body wash. All products are cruelty free and vegan, and bottles are 100% post consumer recycled plastic. Seaweed Bath Co. is also available to purchase in-store and online at Target.

Thanks, as always, for reading. Have a great weekend!

It’s been so long since I’ve posted a Focus entry. Today is a bit gray and rainy, a nice break from the heat and humidity, so it seemed like an appropriate time. It feels like ages since my mind and body worked together. I suppose the rain feels a bit cleansing.

I’ve always thought snowflake obsidian was lovely. This volcanic stone has been a favorite of mine for ages, but it also is associated with some strong emotional healing properties. Please feel free to post any questions or share an experience in the comments!

Focus: Snowflake Obsidian ::

Snowflake Obsidian is commonly used to/ balance body, mind, and spirit

provide center and focus in a chaotic environment or situation

remove negativity from a person or space

bring attention to ingrained behaviors and patterns, bring negative emotions to surface

found/ worldwide, easily obtained

astrological sign/ Capricorn, Virgo | chakra/ root

for aromatherapy and meditation, pair with / to clear negative energy in a space: cypress, frankincense, palo santo, sage

release negative emotions: blue tansy, cedarwood, orange, SARA blend from Young Living (contact me for information on wholesale pricing with YL)

Strangely, aside from a ring, I do not have a single piece of snowflake obsidian in my own collection. Nuts, right? I’d like to remedy that as soon as possible. I love the wand shown below.

Focus: Snowflake Obsidian ::

1. oxidized sterling earrings : Erin Austin / 2.  6-sided wand : Healing Crystals / 3.  crescent moon ring : Rising Tide Jewellery

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I was looking back on older GF posts and was surprised that I have yet to feature amethyst! It’s one of my personal favorites, and aside from opal (my birthstone), is the one crystal I’ve ever felt any true resonance with. While I have always enjoyed having rose quartz in my living space, amethyst serves more than an aesthetic purpose, at least when it comes down to my own experience. Gemstone healing is an incredibly personal process, and I think a large part of it comes simply from personal affirmation and association. Our senses, and how they connect to our own experiences and memory, play such an important role in any healing process.


(images via Crystal River Gems & Healing Crystals)

Amethyst  is a fairly common form of quartz crystal, and is a popular stone in healing and meditation practice. It pairs well with clear quartz. This stone is said to have the power to purify, protect, and heal, and has also been known to help with lucid dreaming and dream recall. For me, amethyst helps with anxiety, and opens my mind to creative practice. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I can no longer make art when feeling angry or panicked. While painting and drawing used to be my main (and often only) outlet for these kinds of negative feelings, I now need to feel mostly at peace for anything to flow through my fingers. Art is now the result of positive emotional change, rather than the cause of that change. It took me some time to realize that this had changed for me, and the process was a frustrating one. I am still getting used to it. My brain is far too often tied up in other things, but when I focus and find balance, paint and paste meet paper. It may simply be a matter of providing myself with structured time for both meditation and art making.

Amethyst is commonly used to/ ease anxiety, and provide balance and serenity

cope with grief and loss

dispel negativity

aid in dream recall


found/ worldwide

astrological sign/ AquariusCapricornPiscesVirgo | chakra/ third eye, crown

for aromatherapy and meditation, pair with / to help ease anxiety: lavender, clary sage, or citrus oils

for vivid dreams or lucid dreaming: rose, clove,  helichrysum, or sandalwood


1 / 2 / 3

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Focus: Citrine //

commonly used to/ cleanse and energize

heighten self-discipline

open the mind for creative and healing processes

ease symptoms of depression

found/ United States, Brazil, France, Madagascar, United Kingdom

astrological signAries, Gemini, Leo, Libra | chakra/ Sacral, Solar Plexus, Crown

for aromatherapy and meditation, pair with / Envision™ blend, Purification® blend (both Young Living), peppermint, rosemary


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I know I have been away from this space, but I am finally finally over this treacherous cold! Joy. I had intended to share this post with you all on Monday, but I spent my entire day home from work, under the covers with echinacea tea, Bearna and Netflix. It was not even remotely charming. It was snotty. This was, of course, after spending five days trying to pretend I was okay. I can be an idiot. I don’t always take very good care of myself, and I am an awful sick person. I would like to start doing …better.



commonly used to/ ground

absorb or remove negative energy


transform dreams, ideas into reality

found/ worldwide

astrological sign/ Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn | chakra/ root, solar plexus

Last year for Valentine’s Day, Timothy surprised me with beautiful smokey quartz necklace and earring set. I wear them often, but I find myself particularly drawn to them when I am anxious and in need of comfort. Much of that comes from these stones being a gift from the person who is the most grounding presence in my life, but I think they hold a bit of that energy, themselves.

smokey quartz ::

1. double pointed quartz specimen, Alyssum Alchemy / 2. smokey quartz point on hand formed ring & brass chain, Taxil Hoax / 3. hooded cowl tunic in smokey quartz, Run With The Tribe

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