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The necklace featured below is a custom made sample product received for review purposes. I was contacted by Anjolee and asked if I wanted to review their products and website. The thoughts and opinions in this post are my own. Thanks to Anjolee Jewelry! ♥

Anjolee Jewelry Review ::

Anjolee offers high quality, customizable diamond and fine gemstone jewelry. The California-based company was founded in 1977, and is highly regarded for their customer service. Check out their site for more information. What really sold me on this collaboration was the plethora of information provided on the Anjolee website. It really means a lot to me when a company, especially one dealing in high-end goods like diamonds, is upfront about their manufacturing process and source materials. I didn’t have to hunt for the details I wanted. Anjolee conforms to the 2003 Kimberly act, ensuring their diamonds are obtained through legitimate channels.

I received a sterling silver CZ and amethyst tennis necklace. The necklace is bright but still delicate and understated, and appropriate for everyday wear (though I think I’ll probably save it for date nights). It will pair well with some of the plainer silver pieces I already own. Amethyst is one of my favorite gemstones, so I really liked that I had it as an option. Many of their statement pieces allow for the choice of a gemstone instead of a diamond. The amethyst and the CZ’s provide a subtle pop of color and a bit of sparkle to a mostly matte dark wardrobe, so I think I’ll probably get a lot of wear out of this piece.

Anjolee Jewelry Review ::

When it comes to fine jewelry and diamonds, I think I will always prefer vintage, but it was a pleasure working with this company. If you are in the market for a new, custom jewelry piece, I recommend checking out Anjolee.


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commonly used to/ enhance mental and emotional stability

protect during travel

allow for clarity and insight into the present situation

provide courage in times of change

found/ Brazil, Canada, India, Namibia, South Africa, United States

astrological sign/ Leo, Capricorn | chakra/ sacral, solar plexus, third eye

golden tiger's eye ::

1. natural hole beach stone and tiger eye necklace, Charmed Jewel Designs / 2. rough cut African tiger eye, Third Eye Treasures / 3. patchouli oil with tiger eye, Dewberry’s Herbal

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New year, new look!


commonly used to/ amplify any energy or intention

protect against negativity

cleanse, activate, align

found/ worldwide

astrological sign/ all | chakra/ all

 clear quartz ::

1. quartz droplets, Moorea Seal / 2. crystal point necklace, Dana Castle / 3. fox magic pouch, Below the Oak

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earth element earring set || tiny moon ring by Species by the Thousands / candela mystic gown at Free Peopledevil’s nightcap perfume by LUSH / the pit & the pedulum necklace by Moorea Seal / dart necklace by another feather /  lightning paw perfume oil by OLO /  peakin cuff in antique silver by The 2 Bandits / royal gem iolite arrow ring by The Stray Arrow

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I thought it would be nice to honor October, and my birthday, with another gemstone focus post! Opal is, by far, my favorite stone. It also happens to be my birthstone, so for me it’s incredibly special.

Have you seen opal in person? It’s beautiful.


These rings belonged to my mother. The smaller one she gave to me when it no longer fit her finger; the larger single stone was given to me by my father, along with her wedding band, after my mum died. When I wear either of these rings, I feel magic. I’m sure most of that has to do with her.

Opal is said to absorb energies and reflect them back to the source. Because of that, it’s sometimes known as a karmic stone. It is associated with creativity and self-expression, as well as cosmic consciousness. It’s a stone often used by people who believe in psychic and mystical visions; it is used for spiritual protection.

Other common attributes| comfort for grieving; improves memory; strengthens relationships; fidelity; encourages expression of positive emotions

astrological signs| Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces

There are so many kinds of opals, including boulder opal, fire opal, Andean opal, water opal, etc. Each color/type has its own specific set of metaphysical properties. While opal is commonly found around the world, the cut gemstones are fairly expensive.


  1. opal print by La Petite Mascarade (handmade)
  2. opal “intensity” solitaire ring by Novica (fair trade)
  3. Zoya fleck effect top coat in “opal”
  4. Badger Balm “Pink Tourmaline” lip tint and opal shimmer gloss
  5. Whiterock “midnight sky” bear pendant with man-made opal inlay
  6. tiny opal studs by Le French Chic
  7. LUSH Shimmy Shimmy sparkle solid lotion bar (vegan)

Happy October!

* My laptop is functioning and back in my hands; I am having to get reacquainted with the keyboard.

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