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Sometimes I really miss reading ghost stories from the pages of an actual book, huddled under blankets or in sleeping bags with my friends. We grew up in old, scary-but-comforting farm houses. Creaks and groans and barred owl screeches. Whispers of my name in the middle of the night. Stories about haunted old inns (and the shadow of a woman in the upstairs window*).

*Actually, the shadow story is from my college days, when Tj would travel late at night/early in the morning to and from my father’s house in Vermont. He since has had a hard time sleeping at that house, though I never recall experiencing anything in that particular bedroom. I think my mom had stories, though.

I grew up at a good time, in a good place. I had just the right level of pre-tech childhood, enough to appreciate the fact that Creepy Pasta is now a thing.

Friday Favorites // 028 ::

  1. I love this gorgeous dress from Free People. Everything about it is sheer perfection.
  2. We’re in the midst of planning our end-of-summer camping trip. I want to burn this campfire candle all the time.
  3. Have you seen the new Allure x Butter London Arm Candy polish collection? My personal favorite is “Disco Nap,” a charcoal glitter.
  4. This Picasso jasper ring by Lovetatum is stunning. Picasso jasper is said to bring about calm, and help aid with transformation.
  5. We really like our bitters around here. These Black bitters from Dram Apothecary look intriguing, with the flavors of black tea and cardamom. Yum!
  6. This book (published in 1994, when I was in the fourth grade!) is the book that got me really into ghost stories. I re-read it every year or so, devouring my old favorites and skipping over some of the scarier alien stories. Maybe I’m biased, but New England is home to some of the best ghost stories and urban legends. The author has since written a handful of others, all equally engrossing, but this will remain my favorite.
  7. I love this enamel pin from Word for Word. I think “in dogs we trust” would be slightly funnier, but I also like dogs (and wordplay) slightly more than I like cats.
  8. I am way into anything with a crescent moon motif. These cute little moony studs were made for me.
  9. These Seychelles booties are at the top of my “must haves” list.
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