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Friday Favorites // 053 ::

  1. Another good summery crochet top in black. Thank you, ModCloth! Black can be for summertime, too! While warm weather and sunshine definitely bring out my more colorful side, I’m still the most comfortable in black and earth tones. And, of course, I will wear all the crochet.
  2. This dusty pink lace bra from Journelle is gorgeous. And, of course, matching briefs.
  3. I’ve been testing the newest Meow Meow Tweet deodorant options for the last few weeks, and let me tell you, game changer. If you need a vegan stick deodorant, look no further. Lavender Bergamot is my favorite of the two scents, but both do a really good job.
  4. I am candle obsessed, and I love them even more when they’re made with essential oils.
  5. This pin!
  6. How gorgeous is this graywood and lava stone aromatherapy necklace (currently OOS) from Lava Essentials!?
  7. I once purchased a Natural Life mug from a thrift store for $.99, and it was one of my favorites until it got lost (or broken?) in my move last summer. It had such a great feel to it. This “cup of sunshine” mug would be a suitable replacement.

Happy Friday!

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Note bene: Friday Favorites posts contain a few affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from any sales made through the use of those links. Thank you so much!

Friday Favorites // 045 ::

  1. I am fairly new to the Alex and Ani game. Teej got me a really nice bracelet for my birthday, last year. I like this “Cosmic Balance” bangle. Keeping it simple.
  2. If you’re looking for a lightweight, but ultra nourishing facial moisturizer, I recommend Julep’s What Your Skin Needs restorative facial milk. This is now my go to daytime moisturizer. It’s worked wonders all winter. I wear it under Pacifica’s Ultra CC Cream. This has argan, jojoba, and coconut oil in it, and is safe for sensitive skin. I’m still using this homemade moisturizer recipe at night.
  3. Hey, hey. Psst. Ghost-it notes. That is all. #GhostLife
  4. This book is on my reading list: Ghostly Ruins: American’s Forgotten Architecture.
  5. Okay, so I know it’s not sandal weather yet. I’m holding out. I like these an awful lot. I am going to eventually need something dressier than a flip flop. It’s either going to be these or Birks.
  6. I love this gorgeous cotton woven throw blanket. It belongs on our bed.
  7. I am filing this skirt under “wear to the museum” for the summer. It’s perfect.


  • If you’re a fantasy fan and haven’t watched The Wizards of Aus, yet, I think you probably should. It’s brilliant. Warning: language, dark humor, and violence aplenty. Episode 1.
  • This interview with Stoya for MAC Cosmetics about beauty and just being yourself is from January, but I’m only just reading it now. Stoya is a good human being. I like her an awful lot. NSFW, probably.
  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is scheduled to return this summer, after suffering massive delays. I’ve been waiting for ages.
  • The CATS! collection from Icksnay is killer. I can’t wait to bust out this black and white buff for hiking. Designed and made in the US!
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Nota bene: Friday Favorites posts contain some affiliate links. I will receive a small commission for any purchases made through the use of those links. Thank you!

Friday Favorites // 039 ::

  1. Cellar Door’s 2015 winter holiday fragrances have arrived! I fell in love with this company over Halloween, and their winter soaps look beautiful. Winter Warmth and Krampus (of course) are on the wishlist.
  2. All the crushed velvet, please.
  3. We are still slowly putting our office space together. I’d use this enamel mug as a pen cup for the desk, since I’m bad at keeping my drawers organized. Last year Teej got me these push pins as part of a Christmas gift. Nothing wrong with sticking to a theme! I still need to get a bulletin board.
  4. I love everything about this tunic from Free People. I am not currently purchasing clothes for myself, but this would for sure be among the first things on my list.
  5. This tiny silver plated waning moon ring is the sweetest.
  6. If you haven’t seen Julep’s December Maven collection, it’s worth a peek. I am smitten with Virginia, an iridescent molten mahogany. Pretty, pretty.
  7. I am a big tea drinker, especially in the winter. I love this handmade ceramic tea strainer.

Psst. Come back to this entry around 6pm EST. I have a little surprise for you!

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Nota bene: This post contains a few affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from any sales made through clicking those links. Thank you!

Friday Favorites // 034 ::

The harvest season is upon us. Lots of good things in the air right now. I’ve been enjoying the last few days of sunshine, and the nights are finally getting cold.

  1. LUSH USA just released a bunch of brand new products. Shower Jellies are back! Needles and Pines is right up my alley. If you haven’t used a LUSH Shower Jelly, you’re missing out. They’re lots of fun.
  2. I love love love these little opal earrings. Opal is my birthstone (October children ♥), so it’s one of my favorites. These are simple but feminine.
  3. Blackbird makes some really beautiful incense cones. If you’re unsure or don’t want to make a commitment, they offer samples of all their scents. There are a few I’d like to try out, including Gorgo.
  4. This top is gorgeous. That shoulder detail is maybe my favorite thing ever.
  5. I’m not sure why I’m so into reddish tops right now (maybe because it’s fall?), but I love the Witching Hour Tunic from Sovrin in wine. Give me anything with a hood or a huge cowl neck and I’m happy. I’d probably wear a long line lace bra (like this gorgeous piece from Free People) for a little more coverage and support under this, but I love the look.
  6. The willow charm bangle from Alex and Ani is officially on my wishlist. I feel like that goes without saying. It shall be mine.
  7. I was sorely tempted to purchase a pair of horn tumblers (very similar to these) from a vendor at King Richard’s Faire at the beginning of September, but I decided to wait. I think we probably need to take stock of what we have and use before I make any new purchases.
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I may or may not have gotten Timothy addicted to scented candles. It happened …over time, and by accident. We thankfully have some scent profile preferences that overlap, and when it comes to purchasing candles for the house, I tend to forego my (frankly fleeting) cupcake-scent desires for more earthier smells. The house is small, so having one or two burning downstairs is more than enough to scent our entire space. I really like to buy soy wax candles, but I will compromise for scent. Honestly, we buy a lot of our candles at the grocery store.

I love how powerful scent can be, how closely it is linked with memory. Memories long forgotten can be instantly brought to the surface just through smell. Do you ever get that little twitchy feeling when you smell something you assumed was unfamiliar, that maybe, some time long ago, you knew? It’s old memory, buried deep somewhere, and that twitchy feeling continues until you dig it up. Some smells remind me of people I will forever love: lavender bath soap is assuredly my mother, wood smoke and snow-dampened wool, my father. Certain notes of forgotten aftershaves remind me of former boyfriends, and memories better left in the past. There are smells I find grounding,  or comforting, and there are also smells that will trigger, for whatever reason, an unexpected fight or flight response. I find the latter discomforting, but nonetheless intriguing.

This is my candle wishlist, and a couple tried and true favorites.


Burke & Hare Company Salem / Three Ravens Candle Company Myrkwood


Witch City Wicks Holy Ground / Capri Blue Smoked Clove & Tobacco


Burke & Hare Company Cemetery Gates / Paddywax Library Collection Edgar Allen Poe


Grue hand poured soy candle by Three Ravens Candle Company x Way Gother available here

If anyone can point me in the direction of a true vanilla bean scented candle, I would be forever in your debt. While I do sometimes like dessert smells, I want a vanilla candle for the house that is not cloying or powdery.

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