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Yesterday I was reminded that I do not visit Vermont as often as I should(/need). A day is never enough, especially when the sun is shining and everything is green. And while I am happy here on the Maine seacoast (this certainly feels like home), there is nothing quite like the Densmore homestead.

A number of these shots are Timothy’s.

Homeland ::

Homeland ::

Homeland ::

Homeland ::

Homeland ::

The above photograph is from my 2002 high school photography class. The exterior of the barn has lost some paint since then, for sure, and it seems my father is forever patching the roof. When he was young, the top floor was home to chickens. Some of the nesting boxes and metal feeders still remained when I was little, though I haven’t ventured to the upper levels in many years. This barn is such a huge part of my childhood landscape. It’s impossible to imagine it not occupying that space.

Homeland ::

Homeland ::

Before we left, I shared with my niece (who, by the way, is one of the coolest small people I know) that this little copse of birch trees is one of my favorite places. There is magic there. It is the place I will always return to.

See you again soon, Achenmead West.

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I have been reading a lot lately on how to be a better blogger. There are so many tips and tricks that I totally disagree with, because for the most part I think people are throwing around buzzwords for the sake of hits, but I do also think it’s possible that I’m simply a little bit anti-social. On the flip-side, some of these tips are just totally common sense, but maybe that’s because I have been an active user of message boards and blogging communities for so many years. Yes, you should leave comments on blogs you appreciate and yes, you should reply to comments when you receive them. If somebody on the street in my community gives me a friendly hello, I at least give a nod in their general direction even if I don’t know them.

What I’m trying to get to is that I haven’t actually found my blogging niche (another buzzword). I’m still not entirely sure what I’m trying to accomplish, here. The blogs that inspire me are literally all across the board as far as style and content is concerned. I do, thankfully, know the blogs that I do not want to be like, and the blogs I could never possibly be. Blogging tip: don’t ever be fooled into thinking that class and privilege is a non-factor simply because you’re on the internet. We’re not there yet.

Thank you for reading, and continuing to read. Thanks for saying hello. I simply want to continue sharing small pieces of myself. Proof of life.

Moving on, because dwelling on this particular subject is not what I want this space to be for, here are photos.

Of my basement.

I am not a creep. I am, however, an amateur at best, and I could use a tripod.

Old buildings speak to me (not literally). I find this a rather lovely space. It is where we do our laundry and where my roommate stores his golf clubs. I wanted to obtain record before I move away from here. Daylight, cobwebs, crumbling brick.





*This is a shared space; I made sure I was alone in the building and I did not include anything in storage or in active use.

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Tomorrow I begin to celebrate the last year of my twenties. Life is, despite its hardships, a joyous event. I am happy to be here.

Every year for my birthday, I come up with my own New Year resolutions. Last year’s list looked a little something like this:

  1. complete my sketchbook project book You can see my finished book here. I’m signed up for 2014, as well!
  2. find a laptop bag I’m not sure why I included this. I guess I needed a tote for school? I’m looking at this one.
  3. drive As you may know, I am currently enrolled in a AAA course. I’ve been on the road a few times, too!
  4. get my graduate school stuff finished and submitted I was unfortunately not accepted to UNH, but I am currently looking into Harvard’s Continuing Education/Grad program.
  5. find more time to meditate and relax and surround myself with quiet I got so much better at being calm, this year.
  6. continue to try new foods I ate lots of fish!
  7. update my resume, continue the job search I was a little lax on this. I had an interview with a museum in Boston, but it didn’t work out (they were really looking for a security position). As of right now, I am staying put at Goodwill until I get school sorted out.
  8. read more Check it out!
  9. stand up on the surfboard I only surfed twice this summer. Tj did really well though. I am so proud of him.
  10. make more art, get it out there
  11. volunteer
  12. catch up with Doctor Who I honestly kind of stopped caring. We watched other things, instead. I don’t feel left out, so maybe I’ve outgrown it?
  13. take more photos
  14. get rid of the stuff I don’t need or want

All in all, not a bad year. This year is all about forward motion. Check out my Thirty Before 30. Obviously the big things:

  1. Get my licence
  2. Move in with Timothy
  3. Graduate School (probably through Harvard’s Continuing Ed program)

My father sent me a beautiful, sweet poem in the mail for my birthday. Timothy and I have dinner reservations for Sunday. Tomorrow is for me, and I am going to make the best of the day.


I apologize for cutting this short. Sleep calls. Have a lovely, loving weekend.

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It’s been a while since I’ve done this! I left off on a weird number with my last post, so I’ll continue from there and even things out.

  1. my new address (11 1/2 … feels like magic)
  2. surfing
  3. my favorite coffee/tea mug
  4. old photographs
  5. used bookstores and the book department at Goodwill
  6. people who are open, honest, and brave in the face of mental illness
  7. fried green beans (oven baked is also worthy)
  8. big sketchbooks
  9. my high school Latin classes

I was feeling a bit petulant, earlier, like a bratty toddler. I was grumpy and missing my boyfriend and feeling/acting ugly. A walk and iced coffee soothed most of my grievances, but sometimes I guess you just need to have a day. I’m thankful this was a day I could keep entirely to myself. I hate feeling that way and taking it out on the people I care about, because as hard as I try, sometimes it really just can’t be helped. As evening falls, I am feeling quite a bit better. Tomorrow will be a day to do good and get things done.

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Today I lucked out completely and found a Polaroid 600 with a full film pack.

I have three shots left.


I also found this beautiful photograph.


Brief Thoughts:

  • This temperature is too much for me to handle being mostly asphalt-bound.
  • I am one-hundred percent moved in, maybe 45% unpacked. Maybe.
  • I bought purple sheets and  a vanilla soy candle, to celebrate.
  • Timothy is in California, which is about as far away as he could be, and I miss him.
  • I am finding my own magic.
  • Bicycle picnic? With wine?
  • Soon we will be surfing. There is a yearning somewhere deep.
  • a to do list a mile long, always
  • This is an interesting article about ritual.
  • I can’t wait to show you corners & bits & pieces of this new space.
  • Finding like-minded bloggers to link up with has proven difficult. Hello? Are you out there?
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