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June Goals ::

I haven’t shared monthly goals since February, so it seems as though actually blogging ought to be on my goals list. I am making a mental note of it. It is noted.

But let’s talk about summer. The sudden sunshine is motivating.

Set up my laptop. Tj recently bought a new laptop, so his Macbook Pro has been handed down to me. I’m a little over my head; it’s much newer than any computer I’ve used in the last few years, and it’s been literally over a decade since I’ve used a Mac. To write this post, though, I’ve already had to switch computers (twice) and email photos to myself, which just isn’t sustainable. Or necessary. I need to move my files, and I definitely need to make a software decision or two. Do you use Adobe Creative Cloud? How do you feel about it? I’m almost 100% certain that the Photography plan (which includes just Photoshop and Lightroom) will be more than enough to do both blogging and internship work.

Reach out to brands I want to work with. Aaaah. This is a big scary one. I actually emailed some companies today, and I was a giant ball of nerves before hitting that “send” button. But here’s the thing: I realized that I would much rather reach out to the companies I already love, support and promote in real life, than wait for random brands I have no feelings for whatsoever to reach out to me. If I make an effort, and am kind and genuine, something good may come from it. Or it won’t. But certainly nothing bad is going to happen.

Get. In. The. Water. We didn’t really surf at all last summer. Or, I certainly didn’t. My surfboard hasn’t really been touched since I moved into the house. There were a lot of things holding me back. At the moment, I think I’d be happy just to float and paddle and probably fall off the board a few times, so really there’s no excuse not to go to the beach.

Date night. Have I mentioned that Tj is leaving for four weeks at the end of July to work at the Olympics? And how that is a little bit (or… how about very) surreal and stressful? Four weeks is a long time, and Brazil is very far away. I feel like we definitely need to fit in some quality, device-free time for ourselves. And good food. And probably some wine.

It’s not here yet, but August is going to be a little difficult. I’m trying my best to stay in the moment, but it’s not easy. I will definitely be making an effort over the next few weeks to enjoy these days as they come. Summer moves so quickly.

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