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Our “anniversary” is coming up, and I am feeling a little misty and romantic. I have a really wonderful partner (who sometimes has a black-red-grey pirate beard and glasses and oh my goodness), and it kind of blows my mind. Sometimes that’s a little overwhelming. That’s probably not a normal way to process feelings of love, but I think my normal is probably not your normal, or the normal. I’m sure that’s the case with most folks, though; default settings vary.

Maybe it’s not even the love. Sometimes I become overwhelmed about pancakes.

Maybe it is the love. Pancakes are great.

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Continuing with yesterday’s theme, and my 100 things, here are ten reasons I am thankful for my boyfriend:

timothy kayak

  1. He is a problem solver.
  2. He’s a socially well-adjusted nerd. He plays Dungeons & Dragons, watches obscure anime, and has an absolutely ridiculous collection of paperbacks, but he also functions as a nice-smelling member of society. I have been acquainted to many a nerdy gentleman; there is a lot to be said for this.
  3. He makes me laugh.
  4. He encourages me. He has supported many of even my most passing dreams and ideas.
  5. He is not a knight in shining armor. He is a beautiful and flawed human being, and that is so much better.
  6. He genuinely values my help and advice; I value his.
  7. He challenges me to be a better version of myself.
  8. I can absolutely, 100% see myself growing old with this person.
  9. He is the best person to travel with.
  10. I have loved every single book and movie he has ever suggested to me.

There are so many more reasons. There are more than I could ever think to write down. I am certain that every person is thankful for his or her partner, and I imagine that even some of the reasons are the same as my own, but I still consider myself incredibly fortunate to have this particular fellow in my life.

I am also feeling thankful that he will be home for this holiday (and probably Christmas, too)!

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Last week I wanted to get out of my house and enjoy Dover. My dad’s visit was the perfect opportunity to do just that. The weather was lovely, perfect for being out and about, and his company was so greatly appreciated.

This week my goal is to stay upbeat, and to fully take advantage of my hours away from work before my driving class starts next Monday. I am feeling a  little anxious, but my efforts to prevent anxiety by staying organized and prepared have paid off. I’m a whole lot less frantic feeling that I was anticipating. There are a few loose ends to tie up, financially, but I’m not going to waste energy worrying about it. Oddly enough, I am more nervous about the social aspect of the class than I am about the actual driving at this point. I will likely be among a bunch of teenagers, and I am very uneasy in new surroundings and situations. Uuuugh. All in all though, I’ve been looking at the positive. I know this class will help ease my fears. I like structure.

Until then, I am going to find pleasure in the smallest things and remember to act intuitively. I’m going to be extra kind to myself and to everyone around me, this week (especially Timothy and his sweet family). I want time to slow down just a tiny bit. My “to do” list has been done, and this is all that is left.

This space may be a little quiet this week. My energy is focused elsewhere.

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PS. Now that it’s September, I am officially ready to pumpkin spice all the things.

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I’ve been away for a week. Mostly here, but not here.


On Sunday evening, Pete and Natalie came up from Philly to spend some time in Maine and New Hampshire. T. and I spent Sunday evening, Tuesday night and most of Wednesday with them. Another friend from the Boston area made a cameo appearance on Wednesday as well.


I love spending time out with friends, but I am a true introvert. Socializing takes a lot out of me. By the end of the day Wednesday, even though I spent only mere hours out and about over the course of a couple days, I was completely wiped. Let me mention, also, that this exhaustion was coupled with the physical and emotional fatigue that I run into after two weeks without iron supplements (I ordered them online, and found out on Friday that they were shipped to the wrong address).

It still amazes me what a huge difference regular supplements make in my energy and outlook. It’s pretty likely that I’ve been iron deficient for years, as this sort of anemia is linked to depression, chronic headaches, weakness, poor circulation, etc. That being said, the common symptoms of iron deficiency anemia are linked with many other health issues, so talk to a doctor. I went and got a blood test a couple summers ago when I was close-to-fainting at work, and it happened to explain many of my other problems. I am thankful. 

Yesterday evening, I rode to Long Sands with Timothy and his sister for surfing. Feeling incredibly weak, I opted to wander the shore while they surfed. I think this was a wise decision; I’m still exhausted. I got in the water up to my knees and felt more calm than I had in days.


I do wish that I had brought a real camera with us. My phone didn’t quite capture the scene.

Next time.

I have mostly returned. This week is about catching up and spending some time taking care of myself. I may indulge in something beautiful and nourishing for my girl-mind. Thanks for waiting, and another big “thank you” to those of you who left sweet comments on last Monday’s post!

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If you’re my dad (you’re not) and you happen to be reading this (you aren’t), spoiler alert!

I had a really difficult time coming up with a gift for Father’s Day, this year. Gifts for my father are always something of a puzzle for me; he is a man full of surprises. I once picked up this book for him as a last minute extra, and he was literally in tears laughing and would not put it down. He pretty much ignored the rest of the gifts I got him, so I call it a win. I don’t think I’ll ever top that, but just remembering his laughter makes me smile. Also a win.

My father is a geologist. Well, not actively, these days, but he was before I came into his world (he did science work for the Air Force, and later for the state of Vermont). When I was growing up, he was many other things. He built houses and stonewalls. He wrote poems. He delivered newspapers. He solved math problems in his spare time. He still does most of those things, not the newspapers. But, I think, the earth is what is truly in that man’s blood. Geology was a study of joy in my house; rocks and minerals were treasures. If I brought my father a rock from our driveway, he would show me all the little things that made that particular piece of stone special. Names of gemstones were common knowledge to me at a fairly young age.

I thought perhaps I’d channel my inner child this year, and deliver my father a handful of stones. I know from past experience (a family friend once dragged the two of us to some sort of crystal healing/dowsing “gathering,” a story for another time) that my dad is not that interested in the metaphysical qualities of gemstones. As someone who is interested in anthropology/religious studies/art history, I find the commonly believed metaphysical traits fascinating, but I touched base a bit on that, here. My dad, on the other hand, appreciates aesthetic and the physical history and make up of individual pieces, so putting together this little kit for him was a fun challenge. I looked mostly for a color combination here, and picked out a couple unique specimens I don’t think he owns, and I’m pretty happy with the results. When I received the stone selection, I went through and chose the stones that resonated with me.  Resonate? Not necessarily the right word, because I think that makes me sound a little bit silly. Sometimes things just feel or look right. I trusted instinct.


  1. Hematite
  2. Turritella Agate
  3. Citrine (*by the time I finally checked out and finished writing this post, the citrine in my “cart” had been sold, so I did without)
  4. Copper Nuggets
  5. Petrified Wood
  6. Onyx 
  7. Labradorite
  8. Tree Agate

Turitella Agate is made of the fossilized remains of Turritella snails, so I thought it would be an interesting addition! A few of these stones are pretty common, and I imagine my dad has tumbled pieces kicking around from one of our many museum adventures, but I don’t think he has any Labradorite, copper nuggets, or petrified wood. Labradorite reminds me of insect wings! In retrospect, Citrine and Blue Lace Agate would have both been nice additions, as well, just for the lightness (and agates are really lovely). This is a pretty dark/heavy mix.


Labradorite and Turritella Agate up close

I was a little disappointed that I was not able to get this quite in time for Father’s Day, but I was at least able to get a card in the mail and talk to Dad on the phone on Sunday evening. I hope he likes the surprise!

Once again, I ordered these from Green Earth Stones on etsy (whose images I used for the collage above). I really can’t recommend this little shop enough.

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