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Friday Favorites // 054 ::

  1. Alex and Ani’s Deep Sea collection is stunning. I love the Marina Deep Sea wrap bracelet.
  2. I appreciate that this incense holder from Free People is suitable for both stick and cone incense.
  3. This muted mint shade, called Lush, from LVX is summertime perfection. LVX polishes are 7-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.
  4. I ran out of notecards recently, and it was a sad day. Check out these sea life cards!
  5. Tj dragged me into LUSH a couple weeks ago (because I kept insisting I didn’t need anything), and they had this new(ish) soap, Outback Mate, at the register. It smells SO GOOD. Eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemongrass.
  6. This journal is on my wishlist.
  7. I love Loyal Citizen Clothing out of Portland, and this Maine state flag tee. #VerMainer

There’s an Ingress event coming up at the end of August in Portland (the one in Maine), so I’m currently a little bit obsessed with accessorizing. I play on Enlightened, which is represented by the color green. Thus, that nail polish and tee. Team spirit, friends!

While we’re kind of on the subject, I want to take a quick moment to speak in defense of games like Ingress and its baby sibling Pokemon Go. Games that get people, especially painfully introverted people like me, out of the house and socializing are great. Nerdstuff has often kept me inside and away from people, but instead I’ve climbed mountains. I’ve been to the edge of the world in the middle of the night. I’ve explored local cemeteries under a dusting of snow. I’ve run like a mad-person around Brooklyn, getting sunburned and blistered and giving people high fives. And I’ve gotten to do most of it with my best friend. I’ve also met some genuinely great human beings I would never have otherwise met! Maybe don’t be so quick to judge people on what they choose to do for fun. That says more about you than anyone else, and the world is already a pretty terrible place. Why make it worse? You might not get it. Well, I don’t get Game of Thrones (or any other popular television show TBH), but I don’t expect you to explain or defend your evening leisure activities to me. I’m cool with you watching TV.

* If you’re an Ingress player who plans on traveling to these parts at the end of August, stay tuned. I’m going to round up some friends and put together a girldust approved places to eat and drink list. Or you know, if you’d like to meet up and say hullo that weekend, I am so down.


  • This Playing for Change “Hawai’i Aloha” video from April is a new favorite.
  • Local folks: The Woodman Museum in Dover is teaming up with the UNH Marine Docents for a day of learning. The event is free, and a $5 discounted admission cost per person is available to visit the Woodman Museum. Thursday, July 28, 2016, 10 am – 3 pm. More information here.
  • My obsession with hooping has returned, full force. I haven’t had much luck tracking down a local hoop maker, but Hoop Mamas has a great online selection. Saving my pennies.
  • The traditional Hawaiian voyaging canoe Hōkūle‘a will be stopping in Mount Desert Island Maine, as part of her leg through the New England area. This sail is part of a historic worldwide voyage covering more than 60,000 nautical miles, 100 ports, and 27 nations. Read more about the schedule of events at the Abbe Museum blog, here.

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I actually had a little bit of trouble narrowing down this list to the basics. Obviously, summertime basics should also include things like sunglasses and a floppy straw hat.

And homemade popsicles, 24/7.

These are (I think) my top five summer essentials.

Top Five Summer Essentials ::

  1. Fat & the Moon makes my hands-down favorite natural deodorant. This stuff works. Natural cream deodorants can liquefy a little  in the warmer weather because of the coconut oil, but you can firm them  up again by popping them in the fridge. They’ll work in either state, though.
  2. Hurraw! Balm’s sun balm is a thick creamy lip balm with vanilla, tangerine, chamomile, and the added benefit of some SPF. It’s one of my favorites!
  3. I love a semi-sheer cotton blend tank. This black one from ModCloth is a great basic for summer.
  4. A maxi skirt is a necessity in the summer. I like this black and white striped one from ModCloth.
  5. A cute and comfortable tee shirt bra is a must in the summer. I love the Eberjey Colette bralette from True & Co. Layering lace under sheer and lower cut tops always adds a nice, feminine touch.
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Nota bene: This post contains a number of affiliate links. I will receive a small percentage of each sale made through the links below. Thanks for your support!

Friday favorites // 018 ::

  1. I think having a decorative watering can would remind me to water my poor succulents. Maybe. I feel bad.
  2. These simple little bronze earrings by Upper Metal Class are made of recycled metals in LA.
  3. Oh, these sunglasses.
  4. In my search for cruelty free products for a friend, I rediscovered Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I still have a weakness for their stained gloss in Little Black Dress. I can’t convince myself that black lips are appropriate for every day.
  5. Choosing a favorite print from the Friendly Oak is impossible, but I love this beetle tank top.
  6. I love this fancy manicure set. Something about the gold just slays me.
  7. I need this jewelry box. I’ve been on the search for one, and this one from ModCloth is just about perfect. Jewelry storage is a constant issue in my life.
  8. I feel like I need a backpack purse. Don’t ask me why. This one from UO is cute.

As you may have noticed, I freshened up the look of the front page a bit. Whether or not it helps motivate me to actually use this space more regularly remains to be seen. I appreciate that you’ve stuck around. Have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites 002 //

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I’ve mentioned Abe’s Market on the blog, before. It’s one of my favorite online vendors of natural and organic products! Their selection and variety can’t be beat, and in addition to carrying some beloved well-known favorites, they also support an amazing collection of small businesses around the United States.  Abe’s just launched a great new sampling program that allows you to purchase full-size product samples for just $2 each, with free shipping. Every day, the folks at Abe’s Market crack open cases of their favorite products such as Quinn Popcorn, KIND granola, and Surf Sweets sour gummy bears (my favorite). You can choose up to three samples every day; it’s a fantastic way to sample new products. Whether you want to try gluten-free snacks, goodies free of additives, or even some new vegan treats, Abe’s probably has something for you to sample.

Abe's Market $2 Samples

Once you receive and try out the products, Abe’s Market will ask for some quick feedback to better improve their selections, and to help sellers discover what consumers are looking for in all-natural and organic products. That’s the best part! You can actually have some input on the kinds of snacks you’d like to see offered. More candy! More popcorn! I wish this was spicy! Maybe you want an easy way to get in a serving of vegetables every day. Here are some of the product brands currently available on the rotation. The ones in bold are ones I’ve tried! And don’t forget, the offerings are switched up regularly!

Barnana – A dehydrated banana snack comprising all of the nutrients of a banana (high potassium!) with the convenience of on-the-go snacking. The organic, non-GMO and gluten-free line includes original, coconut, chocolate and peanut butter flavors.

Fruit.0 – A super portable, compact fruit pouch containing straight up fruit, and nothing but. The 100% organic crushed fruit contains no additional ingredients or sugars and is vegan, non-GMO and free of nuts, fat, gluten, and artificial ingredients.

Birch Benders Micro Pancakery – Certified organic and non-GMO, Birch Benders include all the wholesome ingredients in the package and you only need to add water, shake and cook. The line offers gluten-free options and delicious flavors like cinnamon and banana buckwheat.

Hooray Puree – A perfect way to get your veggies on the go. Hooray Puree picks their organic vegetables at the peak of ripeness and purees them into gluten-free snack packs without adding any preservatives, dyes or acids. So when you’re not near the store, you can always have fresh sweet potatoes, spinach and butternut squash on hand.

Primal Spirit Foods: These meatless jerky strips, in six flavors like mesquite lime, teriyaki and Thai peanut, are a great dose of protein when you’re on the go. The low-fat, non-GMO vegan treats are made of soy seitan and shiitake mushrooms and are certified kosher.

I am not vegan, but these are a healthier alternative to traditional jerky. The hickory smoked flavor is delicious. Give these a sample!

Powbab: Get a daily dose of delicious 100% antioxidants and boost your immunity with vitamins A, C and E from this superfood through tasty acai and pomegranate chews, moisturizing oil, or powder you can mix into a drink. The fiber-packed vegan treat contains no gluten, dairy, soy or nuts.

Health Warrior: Boost your run or workout (or even when you need a pick me up in the middle of the day) with chia-packed, flavorful energy bars. The non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, high-fiber bars with omega-3s come in delicious flavors including chocolate peanut butter, coconut, coffee, and banana nut.

KIND: Load up on healthy and tasty gluten-free snack bars, granola, healthy grains bars and more. KIND products are GMO free, protein packed, high fiber, dairy free and all natural.

KIND is my go-to breakfast and snack bar.

Quinn Popcorn: Quinn reinvented microwave popcorn and made it healthy. Made of organic, non-GMO, vegan ingredients in a chemical-free bag, Quinn makes movie time — or anytime — more delicious with flavors including Vermont maple & sea salt, hickory smoked cheddar, parmesan & rosemary and just plain sea salt.

Vermont maple & sea salt is so, so good. If you like the sampled flavor, give that one a try.

Rip Van Wafel: Just unwrap, place over steaming coffee (or tea!) wait a few minutes and enjoy an all-natural, high fructose corn syrup-free caramel- or cocoa-filled, crunchy Dutch treat!

World Peas: This green pea snack makes it easy to forget about potato chips. With exotic flavors like Sicilian tomato, Santa Barbara ranch, Hungarian garlic and Nagano wasabi, World Peas delights without gluten, dairy or high fructose corn syrup.

The current selection of samples comprises of edibles only (which is really not a bad thing), but who knows! As the program gains popularity, maybe other products will become available?  Remember to keep checking!

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