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Just how many millennia has it been since I posted a manicure of the week or a polish review? This one is exciting!

Digits: Trust Fund Beauty Hot in the Hamptons

This bright pink shade from Trust Fund Beauty is going to be on my fingers all summer long. Hot in the Hamptons is a hot, hot pink with a touch of shimmer. Even though I’m normally a neutral polish kind of girl, this is a dose of happiness every time I look down at my hands. I can’t get enough. It’s nice to have a bright color in my polish arsenal. I’m a little out of my comfort zone, in a good way. Pink is secretly (sometimes) one of my favorite colors. Don’t tell. I’m complicated.

Trust Fund Beauty is home to 100% vegan, cruelty-free and toxin-free nail polishes, made in the US and EU. The names are cheeky, and the polishes are bright, long-lasting perfection. Each bottle costs $15, and it’s money well spent.  The manicure you see in the photo is a touch up on four days of wear with very little chipping. Two coats, no topcoat (plus just the single touch up coat). This polish blows my mind. Trust Fund Beauty is definitely an indy cosmetics company worth supporting. These three polishes on my wish list:

Digits: Trust Fund Beauty Hot in the Hamptons

London Snog, Why U Mad Tho?, Bye Felicia

Non-toxic and cruelty-free beauty is incredibly important to me. I have a strict set of standards when it comes to my infrequent (but enjoyable and necessary) cosmetics and body care purchases, and with so many options available, in all price ranges, there’s no reason not to be picky. I’m so happy to have discovered this company. While there are now quite a few toxin-free nail polishes on the market, Trust Fund is now officially in my top three (along with LVX and SpaRitual).

What polish colors are you wearing this summer?

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Nota bene: This post contains some affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from any sales made through the use of those links below. Thanks for your support!

Sometimes I feel a little sorry for those of you in warmer climes, even with snow on the horizon. One of my favorite things about living in New England is getting to experience all four seasons fully. Each month here breathes differently. Fall, in particular, brings with its sights and scents the strongest sense of nostalgia for me. I will visit so many places in my lifetime, but this will always be home. I am thankful that Maine is like Vermont in so many of the best ways.

Friday Favorites // 038 ::

  1. This gorgeous vintage-inspired dress will be available for purchase in November from ModCloth. Totally swoony.
  2. These hand painted amethyst runes are lovely.
  3. I think this sweet rose vine crown would be a nice addition to any headpiece collection.
  4. Julep’s November Maven collection is perfect. Matte metallics! I chose “Cheyenne” (auburn) and “Sonia” (steel blue), which will both see me through the winter. I can’t wait to combine them with some of my Jamberry nail wraps. If you’ve been on the fence about becoming a Maven, it’s a great time to join. New Mavens can receive a four piece metallics welcome box for free (+ $2.99 shipping) when they sign up using this link. A fully customizable Maven subscription is $24.99 a month, and it’s easy to skip out on the collections you don’t like. Mavens also earn points with every purchase, which can be used on future boxes.
  5. I love this delicate US-made opal ring.
  6. I’d like to try to make barmbrack. It’s a good time of year to start using the oven again. I’m not normally a fruited cake kind of person, but this recipe makes it look alright. I’d probably just use a combination of dried cherries and cranberries, and omit the raisins altogether.
  7. This wool-blend skirt from PrAna is a serious wardrobe essential.


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I try really hard to take good care of my nails. I have some pretty terrible habits (like picking obsessively at my cuticles), so sometimes that takes a little extra work. The products below are my top five nail care product essentials.

My Top Five Nail Care Products ::

  1. Karma Naturals nail polish remover is nontoxic and made in the United States. You can read my full review here. I love this product. It’s nourishing, smells wonderful, and does a great job removing both dark polish and glitters. A remover that can tackle black polish and glitter is an absolute must for me, and I am so happy that I’ve found a natural product that works.
  2. Julep’s lavender tinted Brighter is Better nail treatment helps hide nail discoloration and contains lemon extract that, over time, physically brightens your nails. Lemon peel oil helps add moisture and shine, and hexanal strengthens to prevent peeling and splitting. I received this product in my July Maven box, and once I got used to the neon violet tint, I decided I really liked it. Like all Julep polishes, this one is 5-free and vegan.
  3. ORLY argan cuticle oil is some of the best I’ve ever used. It’s intensely moisturizing and absorbs quickly. I apply this to my cuticles and nails every night. A little bit goes a long way, and I love the drop applicator.

My Top Five Nail Care Products ::

  1. Lemony Flutter was the first LUSH product I ever used, and it got me hooked for life. As always, LUSH products are cruelty-free.

My Top Five Nail Care Products ::

  1. I personally notice a huge difference in the health and condition of my skin, hair, and nails when I take a daily biotin supplement. I am currently trying out Olly Undeniable Beauty, but I’ve also used MegaFood’s Skin, Nails, & Hair blend, which happens to be made close to home. Consult a nutritionist or health care professional if you’re concerned about supplements. Your needs might be different from my own.

Of course, products can only do so much. Your general state of health affects the appearance of your nails and skin so much more than anything you apply externally. I do my best to eat right and stay hydrated, but a little help on the outside is always appreciated.

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My favorite soft gray polish has definitely, sadly, officially met the end of its life. Because this bottle was at least five years old.  I am mourning its loss by window shopping. Not really shopping, because I’m an adult and I know I have to pay for actually important things like school and food, but dreaming and clicking nonetheless. I consider gray a perfectly appropriate color for spring and summer. I know other folks are busting out their cream pastels and brights (and neons, auuuugh) right now, but I’ve never really liked the way those colors look on my nails. I love that gray is a safe neutral alternative, and it’s way to soften up my look in the warmer weather. I don’t always have painted (or wrapped) nails, but I have a tendency to reach for black polish 70% of the time I do manage to adorn them. I do have some great light neutrals in my collection, but damn, I don’t know, there’s just something about gray. I learned a lot about gray during my short stint as an art student. Maybe that’s the reason. Honestly, gray is my favorite color.

The polishes shown here run the gambit from almost-white to dark slate, and I love them all. Zoya’s Dove is my dying, dead, and must be replaced polish. It’s a good one for the price.

These polishes are all vegan-friendly and 5 free, at least at the time of this post. Dreaming and clicking.


Marina del Rey by Cult $12 / Dove by Zoya $9


Smoke ‘n Mirrors by Spa Ritual $12 / Mineral by LVX $16 / Daria by Julep (affiliate link) $14



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Nota bene: This post contains some affiliate links. I will receive a small percentage of any sales made through shopping the links below. Thanks!

I have a lot of posts and projects on the back burner, right now. My body can’t really keep up with my brain. I feel like I need ten extra hours in a day, mostly so I can sleep through them without feeling guilty.

Friday Favorites // 019 ::

  1. Is it weird to like a toothbrush? I like this toothbrush. It’s black. Whatever, dental hygiene is important.
  2. While shopping for part of a certain fellow’s birthday present, I found these. They also come in rose flavor, so naturally I bought both. I’ve become a big licorice fan. The fault is entirely my mother’s, I am sure. I am also sure that she’d find it hilarious.
  3. Terry Pratchett (author of the Discworld series, and co-author of Good Omens with Neil Gaiman) passed, yesterday. If you haven’t read any of the Discworld novels, I think you should. I’ve still only read fewer than half, but I have loved them to pieces. The Colour of Magic is a good place to start, but check out this handy chart.  Mort is great, too. The man will be hugely missed. This piece from 2011 on choosing to die is an important, difficult thing to watch. Coming to terms with death is one of my biggest challenges, and I am so awed by people who tackle the idea with intelligence and dignity. Frankly, I’m a frightened crybaby.
  4. I bought a few lot more Jamberry wraps. Teej actually said my nails looked cute, the other day, which is nice because I assume that boys don’t notice things like nail polish. Timeless and Tungsten are both new for spring. YES, dark colors for spring. I will never stop saying that.
  5. I would like to own this Takashi Murakami pillow. Once upon a time when I was a young, pale, black-haired little oddling (circa 2003), I had the pleasure of seeing a Murakami exhibit at the MFA in Boston. It was one of the greater moments of my life. I visited for free multiple days in a row, thanks to my MassArt student ID.
  6. Red booties? Red booties.
  7. Yes, please, to this tunic.
  8. I love this anatomical heart wax seal. I worry, probably rightfully so, that the art of writing letters is long dead.

Happy Friday the 13th, by the way. ♥



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