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January Goals ::

We made it. It’s 2016! Here’s to you, and everything you accomplished.

There’s snow on the ground (finally), and I’m more or less back to my normal routine, for whatever that’s worth. I rang in the new year with Thai carryout with Tj’s family, followed by a comforting, solitary bottle glass of wine (and a mug of chamomile tea). I’m old.

These are my January goals:

Get outside. This is a big one. New Year’s Eve morning had me feeling black and gloomy, but when I took a moment to think about it, I realized I hadn’t spent any serious time outside in days. I took a walk into town and then through the woods behind our house and felt like a different person. Sunshine is really important to my well-being. I make jokes about locking myself inside, but outside is, of course, not the problem. It’s prolonged human interaction that I struggle with. I am thankful to live where we do, surrounded by trees and so close to the ocean.

Find doctors. As of today, I have new health insurance! This year, I’m going to use it. It’s time to track down a GP and probably a therapist, and maybe get my eyes tested (which could perhaps help provide an explanation for my migraines). Getting stuff done!

Sort through and sell some toys. I took  a bit of an eBay break during the holiday because I didn’t want to worry about shipping. Also, at the beginning of November I shipped out a huge box of My Little Ponies to Poland, and the whole process involved with that transaction was a little stressful and seemed never ending (and, in fact, has not yet ended). I need to take new inventory of what’s left and get some things posted. To those of you familiar with my original collection, don’t worry, I’m still keeping something like 60+ ponies to myself. Glitter and rainbows for life.

Eat green things. This is self explanatory, right? I’d also like to work some healthy vegetarian meals into my normal winter rotation. Soups and chilies seem like a good springboard. It’s definitely time to start throwing spinach into everything. I’m still not really down with kale. Sorry.

My goals for the month are simple, and I don’t really have any New Year resolutions per se. I think I’d like to let myself have more fun, try new things, be a little less reserved. I’ve spent the majority of my life thus far constantly thinking “I’m too ___ to do ___,” which is …limiting, obviously. I have missed out on probably more than I know; I’m scared of basically everything. I would like to be less scared. I would like to smile more. So I think this year I’d like to work on reaching out when I wouldn’t normally reach out, and on taking advantage of opportunities wherever I happen to be. No numbers, no limits, no “absolutely must do or else(s)” this year, just a little bit of stretching. Tips of fingers, tips of toes.

And, always, I want to be kind to the people I stumble into along the way.

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Happy New Year, friends! I hope you have fulfilling NYE plans. Personally, I’m looking forward to some time alone with books and a bottle of wine. Tj won’t be home this year, but I’m making the best of it. We were lucky all through the month of December, and managed to celebrate the holidays with both our families.

I thought it might be nice to take a look back at my favorite posts from 2015. Perhaps this will serve as the motivation I so desperately need in the coming year.


In January, I posted this sugar lip scrub DIY. I don’t know how many project/recipe posts will happen in 2016. We’ll see. Does the internet really need more DIY?


The month of February featured my best Stitch Fix yet! McCoy still doesn’t know how he feels about being a model. I’m right there with him. Also, my hair grew lots! I need to get a trim soon.

still snow ::

In March, I shared some snowy snapshots. I also wrote a post on how to care for your black clothing, which got a surprising number of hits. I guess I’m I was doing it right. Having adopted more of a minimalist attitude when it comes to buying clothes (combined with the fact I no longer work in a thrift store), I’ve learned that I need to take care of what I have.


April was retail-therapy heavy, but I like this post featuring vegan friendly and 5-free gray nail polishes. I still think spring and summer shades are the worst. I’m happy to be in winter mode, right now. Layer up!


In May, I shared some travel tips for the antisocial, which was maybe just a bit cheeky, but still important.

Shelburne Museum ::

DIY Black Tea & Rose Petal Body Scrub ::

June saw a consistent run of posts, for which I am proud. I shared an ongoing list of my favorite museums, as well as a DIY for a black tea and rose petal body scrub that still remains a favorite.

Into the Woods ::

In July I was feeling more settled into my new town, and I took a walk along North Berwick’s Neoutaquet River trails. I also shared a little bit about my depression, which was kind of a scary thing to do. I hope it helped some people. These are the kinds of posts I’d like to share more of.


In September, I posted some panorama shots that Tj took from our trip to Quoddy Head.


We went to Maui in October! I shared a few photos. It was big.

Thanksgiving ::

I was feeling incredibly thankful  in November.

And I still feel that way. It’s been a challenging year, but certainly a good one. I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone, and it was worth it. Here’s to 2016. ♥

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October is very much the start of the new year for me. It is the time of comfort and ritual. This time of year also feels fresh; I’m an October child through and through. I turn thirty-one in just a few short days. We’ll be in Hawaii over my birthday (we leave on Sunday!), but upon our return I’ll be ready for full on fall.

October Goals ::

It’s been quite a long while since I’ve shared any monthly goals in this space. It’s a habit I would like to return to. It’s one thing to jot down a list in my day planner, but sharing these goals in a public place makes me a little more accountable. These are my October goals, in no particular order.

Deep clean and dust the house. We’re getting ready to shut ourselves in for the season, and I want everything to be clean and cozy. I’ll be washing all the blankets and picking out some new incense and candles.

Get some seasonally spooky soaps. Okay, so I actually already did this. I ordered a few bars from Cellar Door Bath Supply Co., and I can’t wait for them to arrive. Cobwebs & Candelabras, The Drunken Pumpkin, and Zombie Repellent are on their way! My roommate in Dover was serious about seasonal soaps, and I could always rely on her to bring home giant bags of fun. I’m carrying on in her honor.

Winterize the herb beds. I’m not 100% sure how to do this, but I do know I’ve got to do some major cutting on a couple plants. I brought a huge bunch of sage to a former co-worker yesterday afternoon, and will be giving more to a friend later in the week; hopefully I can find something clever to do with the rest of it.

Visit Salem. This is on my list of maybes. We had the best intentions of visiting last year, but it didn’t quite work out with Tj’s schedule. If not this year, perhaps next. It’s always on my list.

Pick pumpkins. I am going all out with jack-o-lanterns this year, now that I have an entire house and front yard to decorate.

Finish getting my graduate school documents together. Harvard’s program application period opens mid-November, and I want to make sure I have everything ready to go before then. I have an essay to write, but am otherwise ready to go.

Bake rosemary cookies for Halloween. For the last few years, I’ve been working or otherwise too busy on Halloween night, so it just hasn’t been anything special. I’d like this year to be different. Rosemary signifies remembrance, and these simple sugar cookies are eaten to honor the deceased. I haven’t made them since high school. It will be a nice tradition to return to.

Take some gravestone rubbings. It’s been a long, long while since I’ve done this properly, and I have yet to visit any of the local cemeteries. I have an upcoming post all about this, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out this great graphic guide to cemetery symbolism from Atlas Obscura!

Host a girls night. There are a couple local friends I haven’t seen in ages, and I would like to do something before the winter holidays roll around and everyone is too busy. I’m thinking cider punch and Hocus Pocus. I may be able to combine this one with my last goal…

Visit a haunted house/go on a haunted hay ride. This is another one of those seasonal things that’s always on my list. It’s always so hard to work this around everyone’s schedules, but I think with a little careful planning we can pull it off this year.

What are your goals for the month? Or even the season?

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The first full moon of the new year occurred only a few days ago. I took advantage of that energy to  set some intentions, and shed some negative thoughts.  The full moon is a good time to do some physical goal-setting, or to simply focus internally on the things you’d like to change. It’s a time to let go of whatever it is that may be holding you back. Nature is a powerful companion. We experienced our first real shock of winter temperatures over the weekend, even as the sun grows stronger. The cold air has a way of clearing the mind.

I’m not saying that you should wait until a full moon to let go and move forward. If you are ready to make a change, then absolutely do it. But if you need a catalyst, let it be the moonshine. For 2015:

  • January 4th, Wolf Moon
  • February 3rd, Snow Moon
  • March 5th, Worm Moon
  • April 4th, Pink Moon
  • May 3rd, Flower Moon
  • June 2nd, Strawberry Moon
  • July 1st, Buck Moon
  • July 31st, Blue Moon
  • August 29th, Sturgeon Moon
  • September 27th, Harvest Moon
  • October 27th, Hunter’s Moon
  • November 25th, Beaver Moon
  • December 25th, Cold Moon

Cleanse your space, cleanse your heart. It’s a new year. It’s a new day.



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My aspirations for the new year are somewhat vague, perhaps, but entirely truthful.

I will eat more good food. I will drink more water, and eat more things from the ground.

I will read more books.

I will value quality over quantity.

I will not feel guilty for my sadness, when it comes.

I will live honestly.

I will be kind.

I will nurture my relationships.

My choices will benefit more than just myself.

I will teach myself something new.

Tonight I hope you celebrate safely and with good intentions, and with happiness in your heart. Here’s to 2015.

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