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It’s been so long since I’ve posted a Focus entry. Today is a bit gray and rainy, a nice break from the heat and humidity, so it seemed like an appropriate time. It feels like ages since my mind and body worked together. I suppose the rain feels a bit cleansing.

I’ve always thought snowflake obsidian was lovely. This volcanic stone has been a favorite of mine for ages, but it also is associated with some strong emotional healing properties. Please feel free to post any questions or share an experience in the comments!

Focus: Snowflake Obsidian ::

Snowflake Obsidian is commonly used to/ balance body, mind, and spirit

provide center and focus in a chaotic environment or situation

remove negativity from a person or space

bring attention to ingrained behaviors and patterns, bring negative emotions to surface

found/ worldwide, easily obtained

astrological sign/ Capricorn, Virgo | chakra/ root

for aromatherapy and meditation, pair with / to clear negative energy in a space: cypress, frankincense, palo santo, sage

release negative emotions: blue tansy, cedarwood, orange, SARA blend from Young Living (contact me for information on wholesale pricing with YL)

Strangely, aside from a ring, I do not have a single piece of snowflake obsidian in my own collection. Nuts, right? I’d like to remedy that as soon as possible. I love the wand shown below.

Focus: Snowflake Obsidian ::

1. oxidized sterling earrings : Erin Austin / 2.  6-sided wand : Healing Crystals / 3.  crescent moon ring : Rising Tide Jewellery

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