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I was hoping to possibly be a little bit more artistic with these, perhaps work on some painting. I’ll be honest, painting myself is not the easiest task. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Actual self-portraiture (ie, depicting my own physical form) is, for me, very raw and very difficult.

Until I figure out a way to work around my shortcomings as an artist, there will be photos.

52 project 2/52 ::


52 project 3/52 ::

3/52 (sorting through old photographs)

I hope you’re having a wonderful, peaceful Wednesday. One benefit of working retail is having a day off in the middle of the week. This morning I slept in and still managed to accomplish much of what was on my “to do” list for the week.

* You can follow 2014’s “52 Project” here!

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We’re back! Two days away, surrounded by pine woods and water was more or less just what I needed.

I took some of these, and Tj took others.



boba in town / hers (shown), matcha; his, earl grey







Timothy’s father takes some of the best candid photographs.






Yes, he went in. No, I did not.


This was sort of our anniversary. We both forgot. I think this kind of thing happens with you choose a date on your own. August sixth, in actuality, marks the day I visited New Hampshire to look for a new home. It marks beginnings, ends, and middles-of. It marks missing or almost-missed. It is mostly just a day for us to say, “I love you, still and always.”

three-hour car drives where we solve Car Talk puzzlers together ♥

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I’m spending the day in North Berwick. We’ve finally got a break in the weather, and it’s cool enough to enjoy some time outside. I spent the last three 90+ degree days working in a retail-warehouse environment with a broken air conditioner, so I’m taking this day to rest and reset. Last night I was treated to a cake batter milkshake, which absolutely sent me on the road to recovery.

I should also take a moment to mention that it had been so nice to have Tj home for this long. Over the last couple weeks we’ve been able to fit in yard work, surfing, shopping, cozy dinners in, and a trip to Six Flags (which was a blast, but remains undocumented because it was 96 degrees and we were dehydrated and mildly heat-stroked). He’s got a show in Boston at the end of the month, followed by a few days back on the road. I am so thankful that through pure chance and a little luck, he’s been home for the majority of July. I’m always just a little jealous of people who get to have their partners around full-time.


Hens and Chicks waiting to be put in the ground



Splitrock Pleiospilos nelii


thinking I might need a smaller cactus for my Goodwill vintage donkey planter


I suppose I need to make another trip to buy additional succulents and planters. I am also currently considering simply taking a cutting or two from my overgrown Burro’s Tail (Sedum morganianum) for that planter, because HA.

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I promised myself I would post something, tonight. If my life was more photogenic, I would probably be showing you a handful of instagrams to quantify/qualify the last few blog-silent days. Instead, I’ll do so with a bit of a list. I like lists, and I am terrible at photographing life while I am living it. My life is not perfect, but it is good, and I am okay with good. These are my favorites.


sunshine until 9pm

apples with cinnamon

pink board wax

this coral-colored lipstick (OCC Lip Tar in Grandma) on my wishlist

believing in magic

art therapy with water color

time spent with Timothy

baked sweet potato for lunch

metallic Sharpies

a beautiful photo of my best friend’s Great Aunt

jump ropes and hula hoops

brews: Shipyard Summer, Gritty’s Vacationland

night-time thunderstorms

steaks on the grill & corn on the cob

purple everything


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