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Our “anniversary” is coming up, and I am feeling a little misty and romantic. I have a really wonderful partner (who sometimes has a black-red-grey pirate beard and glasses and oh my goodness), and it kind of blows my mind. Sometimes that’s a little overwhelming. That’s probably not a normal way to process feelings of love, but I think my normal is probably not your normal, or the normal. I’m sure that’s the case with most folks, though; default settings vary.

Maybe it’s not even the love. Sometimes I become overwhelmed about pancakes.

Maybe it is the love. Pancakes are great.

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This week’s Mail Day covers a lot of ground! I spent a bit of my tax return on some nice things for myself (as well as birthday gifts for the Boyo). This collection of packages definitely ends my minor spending spree. I also received some perfume testing samples from my long-time internet lady, Jess (at Wanderlusted). She’s been busy crafting a line of scents named Rogue Alchemy. I’m really excited to try these out; I’ll let you know how it goes (THANK YOU JESS).


It seems I’ve become something of a nail polish junkie. I’ve signed up for Julep’s Maven program and received my first box! I decided that getting full bottles of great nail polish every month seemed like a better treat for me than Birchbox’s monthly box of samples. I think Birchbox is a really fun program, but I’m so particular about what I use when it comes to cosmetics and personal care, that I can’t really use everything in the box every month. Spending a couple extra dollars on products I know I’ll use seems like a much better deal, and speaks to my thrifty-at-heart nature. My beautifully packaged starter box contained two “four-free” full-sized polishes (Lisa and Petra) and a bottle of cuticle oil. Pleased as punch.

Do you subscribe to any monthly boxes? What are your thoughts? Any favorites? They’re popping up everywhere.

Next week’s Mail Day is going to be a little more down-to-earth. Buying things on the internet has been fun, but now I have grown up things to pay and save for. Like, food. And rent. And art supplies. Mostly food.

Oh! I am not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but I’ve resurrected my old (old) food/snack blog, Okazu. I hope to be updating over there a couple times a week. If you like Asian snacks and candy, feel free to give it a follow!


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It’s a little strange to receive mail from a semi-local company. Like, I guess it kind of defeats the purpose of shopping local. That being said, I don’t drive. My footprint is pretty limited. Also, fun fact: this purchase was shipped and received the same day (probably because Mexicali Blues’ warehouse is only about an hour and a half away… shhh).


These earrings are sterling silver with abalone inlay, and I am smitten. I bought a couple other things (including a too-small shirt I have to return), but these are my favourite. Tax return dollars well-spent. I thought I deserved a mid-winter pretty something. The color of these is really beautiful, lots of purple and blue. I think of it a bit like taking a small piece of the ocean with me wherever I go. This time of year, I need that.

Getting little things in the mail never fails to brighten my spirits, even if I’m grouchy or in the midst of fighting off a cold (I am both of those things).

I’ll be cutting this short, today, so I can crawl back under my afghan with my Cold-Eeze and tea. Have you gotten anything fun in the mail, lately? ♥

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My job, in very loose sense, involves some curating. I sift and sort through endless piles, looking for objects to add to a collection that is worth spending money on.

It’s pretty weird. Like, when I sit down and really think about it.

The people who spend their money? The people who recycle their unwanted miscellany? Also pretty weird. I like them.

[address details blurred & click to enlarge]

“New York City / Has no paper [sic?] and / the milk is turning sour. / But I won’t  worry / because I / stay away / from dairy”

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This is the time of year when we are bombarded with commercialism to the point of utter exhaustion. I skipped out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the innocent days of the week that they leaked into. Retail holidays are absurd.  But you know what? This season and all the warm fuzzy beautiful things it’s supposed to stand for? Totally not absurd.

So before I get into the material aspect of this teeny tiny sorta-earthy girly guide, let me touch briefly (importantly) on some not-necessarily-tangible gifting.  I’m pretty sure my extended adult family is going to be happy with hugs, conversation, photo-ops, and homemade cookies.  Yours probably will be, too.  Spend some time with the people you love. Focus on memory making. Turn off the tv. Walk the family dog. Do the dishes. Clean the junk out of your closet. Bake a damned pie.


Lip balm is a nice little filler. Instead of a petroleum-based product, try Hurraw! Balm’s SPF 15 (tangerine chamomile).

Rocky Top Soap’s  “winter skin set” looks perfect for the long long New England winter. All three soaps are packed with vitamin D.

Pair an insulated glass tea press (via with some loose leaf tea from MA based good4you. The hand drawn labels are the sweetest.

Instead of shopping Victoria’s Secret, how about a pretty little something from cruelty-free lingerie company Purrfect Pineapples? The set shown above is my personal favourite, but there are prints for every taste.


Sweet & Sara have some really delicious looking vegan holiday noms, including marshmallow snowmen and peppermint mallow bark. You can order online or find a local retailer. PS. Their strawberry mallows are really good, too.

[I’m totally not cool or popular or organized enough to have any sort of giveaway in conjunction with this, but please feel free to comment and share with me some of your favourite gift ideas!]

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