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Let me begin by telling you that the majority of my time in Philly a couple weeks ago was spent drinking and eating. That was the plan all along, and I couldn’t have had more fun. I’ve decided to dedicate an entire entry, by its lonesome, to only restaurants and bars. It will make my life easier, and this sort-of-kind-of counts as a BITTW post! Nice, right?

Timothy I got into town on Tuesday afternoon, and after picking up a rental car and checking into our hotel, we met up with friends for lunch and drinks. This was my first time visiting Philadelphia, and it was really nice to be there with people who knew where to go. Pete and Natalie made my trip a really wonderful one. I love you guys, seriously.

Here’s a breakdown, with links where applicable. I ate all the things.

Philadelphia eats

National Mechanics / bourbon flight at Village Whiskey


National Mechanics was hands down my favorite bar we visited the entire trip. Both NM and Village Whiskey had the cozy, comfortable vibe that I look for in a bar. I often feel out of my element when I go out, but both places made me feel right at home. National Mechanics was one of those places that Tj went to at one point and immediately knew he had to take me there. He knows me pretty well. Taxidermy everywhere. I was utterly in love.

Philadelphia eats

Victoria Freehouse


  • Couch Tomato/Tomato Bistro (prosciutto/roasted red pepper/provolone/arugula pizza)
  • Brü
  • Estia (Estia chips (fried eggplant and zucchini with tzatziki), saganaki (pan fried kefalograviera cheese with lemon), octopodi (char-grilled octopus with onions/dill/roasted peppers/capers), dolmades, romaine salad, kotopoulo (roasted chicken over caramelized onions and yogurt orzo with lemon and thyme) + Athens Smash cocktail)
  • Tequilas (margarita made with rose-infused tequila, muddled rose petals, and lime)

Wednesday was my LUSH spa day; the gang spent some time at Brü while I was otherwise engaged, and I joined them after my treatment. Estia was our “fancy” dinner out. We shared approximately a million appetizers (there was six of us), so I may have missed one or two. What an amazing restaurant, though.


I finished my trip with a solo mini-adventure day while Tj was at work. Pete was awesome enough to bring me into the city so I could visit a couple museums and wander around; he rejoined me later in the evening for dinner and drinks. I am actually a little uncertain if we went to Cantina Los Caballitos. It may have been somewhere else. This is the sort of situation where social media actually comes in pretty handy; my memory is never as vivid as I hope it will be.


Our flight wasn’t until a little later, so Tj and I joined Pete and Natalie for breakfast. Natalie ordered red velvet pancakes, and I ate a small corner of her pancake pile before feeling like I maybe needed a nap. Huevos was a bit of an OOC breakfast order for me, but I wasn’t feeling quite up to eating a pile of pancakes and getting on a plane. I was feeling like spicy was a good idea. It was, but now I have dreams about those pancakes.

Do you see what I mean about this being a food trip, though? I feel like I did a pretty good job of staying well rounded (veggie burger, hello)! I ate a little bit of everything and drank some good whiskey. Perfect birthday.

Philadelphia eats // Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre

I realize it’s Wednesday. Here’s the thing. When you never have a Saturday off, and you haven’t spent quality time with your boyfriend in approximately three weeks, you tend to ignore things like blogging and responding to text messages. Also, honestly, my current schedule is a little stress-inducing. I have very little downtime, these days, and I spend most of it sleeping.

I’m alive. I had a great birthday. Twenty-nine is pretty special.

On Saturday, Shauna and I wandered downtown to explore Apple Harvest Day. We discovered a new-to-us bakery in the mill (Mill Eats), toured a soon-to-be-open community supported brew pub (7th Settlement), and I found a local vendor who carries Hurraw! lip balm (The Axiom Way). I also bought myself some lovely birthday presents.



Tyler’s Sweet Revenge is made here in Dover. The raspberry jalapeno is mostly sweet with a little kick. I want to smother Common Crackers with it, but they are not actually very common here. Because New Hampshire.

I also picked up a Laura Berger print from Artstream, and a pair of pottery earrings from Old Bottle Sea Glass. And I ate a fresh apple cider donut. And two pieces of small batch salted caramel. And probably some other things I forget about.

On Sunday night, Tj and I had a quiet celebratory dinner at Five-O in Ogunquit. No photos, but:

girl: baby spinach with apple, gorgonzola, crisp prosciutto, mulled cider vinaigrette / seared local hake with baby brussel sprouts, pancetta, sweet potato, parsnip puree / sparkling pineapple martini (which included champagne and St. Germain) / citrus cheesecake

boy: young lettuces with toasted pecans, pear, lemon honey vinaigrette / acorn squash tortellini with spiced apple, currants, browned butter / blueberry tart

It was nice to go before they close for the season at the end of the month. There are a couple other restaurants on the coast that we’d like to hit up before snow comes. Tj’s pasta was almost like eating a dessert, but it was so good. I definitely want to give homemade pasta another try, this winter. Last year (or the year before?), we made some raviolis, but it was a very amateur event. As in, the pasta was both rolled and cut with pint glasses.

Birthday books (always birthday books!)  included: Bill Bryson’s newest, One Summer: America 1927 (from Tj) and A Humement (from Tj’s mum and dad). I’m also thinking of picking up Doomed for my kindle, and this beauty is coming in the mail (also from Tj). My dad sent me a sweet, sweet poem (I mentioned this, but will likely continue to mention because I can’t even), which I am currently looking into framing.

I just want to reiterate that having an entire weekend away from work was the nicest, and really the best gift I could have given myself. While I enjoy normally having a weekday off to get things done, I do love the easy kind of joy a real weekend provides.

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