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Nota bene: Friday Favorites posts feature a few affiliate links. I will be compensated for any purchases made through the use of those particular links below! Thank you, as always.

Friday Favorites // 043 ::

  1. I am more of a pin person than a patch person, but this urn patch from Inner Decay is on point.
  2. Every year, Vegan Treats offers up a limited edition dark Valentine’s Day heart box, and every year I covet it. This year’s Fatally Yours box comes with a chocolate planchette. Those peanut butter cup coffins, though! Please. Order yours before February 9th.
  3. This moon throw pillow would be perfect in our bedroom!
  4. I really want to try this coconut charcoal face mask from Cocovit. My skin needs some serious love in the winter, and I’ve been neglecting it.
  5. I am just a straight up sucker for lacy things. I love this set by Triumph from True & Co.
  6. Moorea Seal always has the best selection of simple, delicate rings. This little knotted band has caught my eye.
  7. How pretty is this blouse? I feel like it would make a great transition piece for the spring. It’s a dusty and dull enough blue to blend in seamlessly with the rest of my wardrobe (I don’t do bright colors).
  8. Ritualcravt is a beautifully curated shop, with handcrafted talismans and amazing crystal specimens.  I’d love to give a home to this blue celestite cluster.
  9. One of my favorite Jamberry wraps, “Marsala Sky,” is being retired at the end of February. I’m not sure if I should buy another sheet or not. I really only use them for accent nails, so I’ll probably live.


  • Of import! My father’s second poetry book, Dust of the Road, is available to purchase now through Midwinter Fire Press, or through your local bookseller/Amazon/what have you in a few weeks. My dad has worked hard on this one, with the help of my brother and sister-in-law. I’m incredibly proud. My heart feels like bursting.
  • Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Lupercalia 2016 collection is live! NSFW.
  • Who’s seen the X Files reboot? I’m …hesitant. My twitter feed is a mine field. Tell me it’s okay? I want to believe. Because Gillian Anderson.

Oh hey, it’s Friday! Tj and I were originally going to accompany a friend to Birka Market (because dress up!), this weekend, but he ended up having to travel out for work, instead. Boo. I’m taking advantage of the time alone to do this week’s school work. So much for an exciting weekend. What are you up to?

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