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Friday Favorites // 026 ::

  1. It looks like these Ouija planchette necklaces from Bazaar Baltimore are currently sold out online, but I’m hoping they get more in stock. I almost donated my glow-in-the-dark Ouija board during my move, but I am happy I thought better of it!
  2. I recently discovered Axiology cosmetics: organic lipsticks in a spectacular range of colors. Read more about the brand philosophy here. Good stuff. This gold-tinted nude (“Intrinsic”) looks nice for every day wear. “Existential” is on the list, though, because obviously.
  3. I understand that it is only July, but SpaRitual’s fall polish collection is incredible. Bespoke and Modern Craftsman are, without a doubt, my favorites, but I am head-over-heels in love with the whole range.
  4. These moth print flats from ModCloth are incredible!
  5. I need two or three of these geo wall hooks. My necklaces (among other things) have yet to be unpacked. It seems like an ordeal.
  6. This limited edition Junko Mizuno Dunny is available for pre-order at Magic Pony. At $160, the price is too steep for me, but she’s amaaazing, anyway.
  7. I love this simple maxi dress from Gypsy Warrior.


Note bene: This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated for any purchases made through the use of the links below!

Summer in New England is fleeting, so I am thankful that we are only now in the last days of June. The hottest days are still ahead of us, and the most fun. I am thankful, also, that my summer will stretch just a little longer with our trip to Hawaii in October. Here’s hoping I can make it through these next few months without chopping off all my hair in a sweaty tantrum. Perhaps growing out a pixie cut during the summer was not the best decision I’ve ever made. Bobby pins are my most necessary hot weather accessory. I need to start buying them by the gross.

Summer essentials are on sale up to 50% off at ModCloth through July 6. Here are some of my personal favorites.

And don’t let summer goth get you down. You can still be comfortable and on point if the shades of the season aren’t your cup of tea.

Summer Sale at ModCloth ::

Esther Williams Bathing Beauty one-piece / Always Enthusiastic jacket

Summer Sale at ModCloth ::

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Nota bene: This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated for any purchases made through some of the links below. I appreciate your readership and support, as always!

Friday Favorites // 024 ::

  1. I recently discovered Sisters of the Black Moon, and I am completely smitten. Discovering gems like this rekindles my desire to curate a small shop. I’m not sure if that’s in the cards or not, but it’s always been a flutter of a dream. The Lumen cuff by HVNTER GVTHERER is a great piece.
  2. I love this wool hat from Moorea Seal.
  3. And this pouch by Fluffy Co.
  4. I’ve been keeping it kind of hushy on the blog, because I didn’t want to jinx it, but I successfully passed my road test and am now a licensed driver. Thirty years old! I am an adultier adult than I was yesterday. I like this key fob from With Care an awful lot.
  5. I might need this delicate flower and hand pin from illustrator Jessica Roux. She does beautiful work.
  6. H is for Hawk is on my reading list. Have I mentioned that my reading list consists of a stack of books up to my knee? Timothy and I recently sorted through our collections of books. Tough decisions were made. We kept our favorites and a selection of titles to read/re-read before donating.
  7. This throw pillow is everything.
  8. The lace detail on the back of this cardigan is gorgeous. Summer in New England is short and fickle. Cardigans are always a necessity.
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Nota bene: This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated for any purchases made through clicking some of the links below. Thanks for your ongoing support!

Friday Favorites // 022 ::

  1. The Delano racerback from True & Co. is a perfect summer bra. Black lace forever.
  2. Sarah Lyons makes the cutest stuff. I received my “sad ghost” pin in the mail earlier this week. Both ghosts sold out fast, but it looks like they’re up again for pre-order. The witch hat is perfect, too.
  3. Black Phoenix Alchemy lab has once again teamed up with Haute Macabre to create Esbat, “a ragged canopy of moonflower and morning glory, dew-touched mosses creeping over gnarled oak roots, and shimmering beams of mugwort, cuckoo flower, and rose mallow.” The fragrance is currently available for pre-order. I love when beautiful, talented folks collaborate.
  4. Look, another pin! This planchette pin is from Really Man?.
  5. I love these sunglasses.
  6. To celebrate their first birthday, Insomnia Cosmetics has added 3am to their permanent lipstick collection. It was originally featured as a LE in their October “Casket Ready” collection, but pleas to bring it for good back have been kindly answered. Thank you! For those of you unfamiliar, Insomnia Cosmetics are 100% vegan and cruelty free, and made in the US (in Hawaii!). Girl bosses! I am full of nothing but love. I also have a secret crush on Moon Child.
  7. I have been working my way through Gut Shot, by Amelia Gray, slowly, and savoring it in the process. It’s a book of dark, visceral and poetic short stories. The book is available through Amazon, in both physical and digital versions.
  8. I could live in this dress by Shades of Silence. Every day. Make it my new uniform.

Blogging is a weird thing. Right? And people are weird about it. Like, okay, I don’t want to grow my “empire” and have hundreds of followers. But apparently that’s a thing? What does that even mean? What does that actually get you? I just want to talk about things I like, and maybe, just maybe make some friends in the process. Remember that sweet spot? Where making friends on the internet was something special?

I look back, though, at platforms like Livejournal, and think maybe the “empire” idea has always been present. I can’t blame the “youths.” There will always be those people. There always was. So you have to make an effort to find the right ones, your kin. I think of my “kin” all the time, the folks that have worked their way into my heart over the years.

I’ll be honest with you. I am feeling old, today. I don’t like numbers. I don’t like quantifying things.


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Nota bene: This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated for any purchases made through clicking some of the links below. Thanks for your ongoing support!


  1. This Scout & Catalogue marbled leather clutch is beautiful. If I had disposable income, it would go to this.
  2. Firsthand Fortune pillow from Modcloth
  3. I love this ear cuff from Urban Outfitters!
  4. Right Hand Mandolin top from Modcloth
  5. I can’t wait to get my hands on Soft by Jane Mai, currently available through Peow Studio (Sweden). Jane Mai is a gift. There are so many small published comics I want to read, right now, but this is on the top of my list.
  6. The La Mer Gold Saturn Watch from Urban Outfitters is maybe my dream watch. I don’t even know if I need a watch. Maybe if only to stop myself from constantly looking at my cell phone (which I hate). I feel like adults attending grad school should have watches. Right?
  7. The Thea sandal from Madewell is a nice, comfy looking alternative to a flip flop.
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