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This is the third installment. I am listing one hundred things I am thankful for.

  1. grey cats (specifically Gumdrop and Johnathan Boomerang Densmore)
  2. ordering delivery food over the internet
  3. Timothy’s parents
  4. fields
  5. being barefoot
  6. the future (my own, mostly)
  7. my former boyfriends
  8. non-petroleum lip balm
  9. cedar trees
  10. my trip to China

Today I am sticking with a shortened segment of the list, if only because I am a bit worn down. I received my enrollment decision for the graduate program I applied to. The result was… disappointing. I put all my eggs into one very narrow (highly competitive) basket. I am letting myself feel it for a couple days, and fighting the urge not to be disappointed in myself. I have some ideas I would like to explore. There are options.  ♥

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I am continuing with my list of one hundred things I am thankful for, started here.

  1. donuts
  2. goats
  3. stones found on shorelines and river banks
  4. spring
  5. friends who understand and respect my infrequent communication
  6. the afghan crocheted by my grandmother
  7. public radio and television
  8. the internet
  9. museums
  10. the library at UVM 2006-2009
  11. the printmaking class I took at MassArt
  12. chalkboards in restrooms
  13. my eyes
  14. chai
  15. sourdough
  16. houseplants
  17. the tortoise
  18. Young Playwrights
  19. Timothy’s hands (they are beautiful)
  20. glass sun catchers
  21. notebooks
  22. growing up pre-cellphone
  23. my high school art teacher
  24. pierced ears
  25. rose quartz

To be continued.

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I am listing one hundred things I am thankful for. These are one hundred things that make me feel happy, safe, loved (and loving), inspired. They are everywhere, everything.

Spring is a time for remembrance and renewal. I’ve always found that a little difficult. I tend to dwell, and only on the negative, especially when it comes to myself, my own personal failings. I want to be refreshed, but I want to stay grounded. I am slowly learning that those desires are not necessarily contradictory. This is a season for development. Positive thinking.

Part one, numbers one through twenty-five. 

I am a list-maker.

  1. sunshine
  2. my first dog, a loyal and heroic golden retriever named Taffy
  3. false memories
  4. warm toes
  5. waffles
  6. the ocean
  7. clean drinking water
  8. soil
  9. mourning doves
  10. my father
  11. my mother
  12. skin
  13. Vermont and Vermonters
  14. the house I grew up in
  15. the girls I grew up with
  16. giant trees
  17. my right to choose
  18. color
  19. vision
  20. summer thunderstorms
  21. a stable, healthy relationship with the man I love
  22. comfortable silence
  23. books, the ability and freedom to read them
  24. my older brother
  25. coffee

To be continued.

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good day


a dry & dusty tortoise / my favorite rose quartz crystal / snapped at Timothy’s / newest elephant

I accidentally left the camera at the Tj’s, which means I will be cellphone shooting it for the next couple weeks.

* vintage crewel work, painted ceramic roosters, and elephant all purchased from my local Goodwill

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I think I’ve been a little depressed. I don’t know. I’m affected in a pretty big way by the changing of the seasons. I spend most of the winter hiding under my blankets, and when spring finally does come, it takes me a few weeks to shake off the winter blues. To help combat these blues, I’ve been indulging in a little retail therapy with my last couple paychecks. Obviously this sort of behavior (spending $60 at LUSH and another large sum on books, art supplies, and film) isn’t sustainable on my teeny tiny income, but it’s felt nice to treat myself.

I have all these big, (not)impossible TO DO’s in my head. When spring comes, I long for change, and have a tendency to jump at everything all at once; I get so overwhelmed that I end up doing nothing. For days. I am lucky to have a boyfriend who both inspires me and helps me to stay grounded and focused, but my brain still scatters.

sketch book – Alien EncountersThe Little Book of Hindu Deities – kindle – notepad – green tea & peppermint dark chocolate (new favourite)

Here are my attainable goals for this warm weather (while it lasts) season:

  • wear shorts
  • go for bike rides
  • eat less dairy and sugar
  • be kind to my hair
  • take the GRE (June 27!)
  • read, read, read
  • complete at least three art projects
  • drink more water
  • shop the farmer’s market
  • cook dinners with the boyfriend
  • dance 

For now, that will do. There are big(ger) things that aren’t on there, but they are forever on my brain.

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